Extra ErosLink Routines (FREE!)

This collection of ErosLink routines has been around for awhile, but it’s worth posting just in case you never got it the first time. The following ZIP file contains 96 ErosLink routines written for the ET-312 by various our customers. We do not provide any support for these routines and they are provided “as-is” with the customer assuming all liability for their use.
Download ET-312 Shared Routine Zip File

5 responses to Extra ErosLink Routines (FREE!)

  1. Eilering Chris

    Hello from germany!
    Do you have more interesting routine files for erostek et 312? If you have some can you sent it to me on my e-mailaccount?
    Thanks 🙂 Best wishes!

  2. Oliver

    I tried clicking on the link and it says that the link doesn’t exist anymore. Please update the link.

    Thank you

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