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There are many roads leading to erotic pleasure and many of us are too familiar with the standard methods. The hand works and is always ready. We can count on that one. Being with another person has its own challenges and rewards. Where does electro-sex fit into the landscape of erotic pleasure?

In the beginning, around 1900, electricity was being touted for its amazing abilities. The early battery belts were marketed as a cure-all for a nearly endless list of ailments. This was over 100 years ago when electricity had just been harnessed, so to speak, and the new age of electric lighting, motors and generators would soon power the 20th century. Since then, a few refinements have been made to these early battery belts, which were nothing more than a direct current source (a battery) connected to several electrodes (contact points with the body) allowing current to flow. It was the flow of electrons — the current — that did the magic. It was the invisible force that caught the attention of inventors and consumers.

I certainly saw the power of electricity as a boy growing up in the 1970’s. I spotted electricity everywhere: in the glow of overhead lighting, in the moving blades of a table fan, in the thrill of a battery-powered toy. Electricity was a force and I worshipped it. I needed to know how things worked. As exciting as this may be, I don’t expect everyone to regard electricity in the same way.For most people, electricity is just a tool, a means to an end. Of the many things we use electricity for, producing pleasurable sensations in the body is perhaps the most esoteric and least known.

While the battery belts in the early 1900’s gained popularity, I don’t think anyone would describe the sensations produced as “pleasurable.” That wasn’t the point. They were sold to cure disease and later added to a growing list of quack medical devices.

In the 1960’s another device arrived on the market. It was the Relax-a-cisor, a device marketed to women desiring to tone their bodies and eliminate cellulite and a few extra pounds through passive electrical exercise. The Relax-a-cisor produced a pleasurable electronic vibration through the application of several conductive rubber pads placed on various parts of the body. Although crude by today’s electro-stim standards, it was a tremendous marketing success, and continued to sell well years after it was first introduced.

Relaxacisor an early e-stim power unit

In the years following the Relax-a-cisor, there have been countless versions of circuits and products designed to produce pleasurable — and sometimes outright painful — electronic stimulation.

For the most part, these devices were aimed at players in the BDSM community and retained a low profile in the mainstream adult toy market. In the past decade or so, new companies have emerged offering a variety of devices and gear and the market for these devices seems to be growing year after year, expanding well beyond the BDSM crowd. And with this expansion comes the need to introduce electro-stim and electro-sex to a wider audience.

A World of Sensation Awaits You!

Electro-stim. Electro-sex. Getting wired up. These are just a few ways of describing the activities we’re going to discuss. This guide intends to answer these questions and set you off on the right path. The next chapters take us deeper down into the world of Electro-Sex. Let’s start from the beginning, by answering some frequently-asked questions.

Is e-stim another kind of vibrator?

It’s not a vibrator, although it does create the sensation of movement. Vibrators consist of a motorized counterweight that produce a mechanical vibration that you can both hear and feel. Electro-stim employs the flow of electrons to produce nerve and muscle sensations with no physical movement. Electro-stim does its job silently and is easily adjusted for a mild to strong stimulation, depending on you — or your partner’s — mood.

Is e-stim dangerous? 

When used as suggested, electro-stim is safer than many other forms of erotic play. The amount of current passed into the body is very small, and the choice of electrodes — the parts that touch the body to allow current to flow — are made from durable, hypoallergenic materials including high-grade aluminum and conductive silicone rubber.

What does e-stim feel like?

At first, it feels a little weird. There’s a tingling sensation that starts from the electrodes and continues in the space between them. Most people have never experienced this sensation, and without the proper introduction — learning the basics — electro-sex can be a bit “too weird” and that’s the end of the exploration. With the right preparation and guidance however, many people enjoy this new sensation and think of all kinds of ways to get the current flowing through them. I’m passionate about electro-sex. I enjoy the endless range of sensations available, from the mildest tingle to levels approaching pain. The fact that I’m in control — unless I decide to hand over the controls to someone else — gives me the freedom to feel all sorts of pleasurable feelings and create happy memories that I carry throughout the day.

Is e-stim addictive?

I don’t think so. I view addiction from a broad psychological tendency more than a specific substance or practice. Do you have an addictive personality? If so, electro-sex could be yet another thing you’ll be hooked on. Most people can go weeks and months without getting wired up. I find that I still want sex with a man, and I don’t need electro to get off.  It’s just another method I use to get pleasure — one of my favorites.

How many people are stimming right now?

We’ve sold thousands of ErosTek ET312s in the past decade and there are other companies selling their units to thousands more. I’d say there are 50 – 100 thousand electro-sex aficionados at this point, just a rough guess. As to how many are wired up at this very moment, I can’t say. That answer to that will be known when we have a networked electro-sex portal. The future is bright. There’s the potential to connect ourselves to one another using this technology.

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  1. Rick

    Just a quick question. Do you have an e-stim device that plugs into an outlet? Sometimes I like to play around and the battery may not last as long as I do! Let me know!

    • eric@erostek.com Post Author

      Hello Rick. Most of our E-Stim Power Units come with an AC adapter so you can power them with a battery or any outlet worldwide. Check out our ErosTek Power Units for details. Thanks! -Eric

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