Portable ET232

So far, we’ve been learning about the gear that goes on the body, specifically cock, balls, and ass. But that’s only half the story. Now it’s time to learn more about what powers that gear, what makes it go: a power unit.

power unit (noun): an electronic device that produces a low-voltage current used for erotic electro-stimulation by means of electrodes placed in and on various areas of the body. Examples: ErosTek’s ET312, ET232, and ET302R among others.

Now that we’ve defined the term, what does a power unit do? So glad you asked! Let’s talk about one power unit in particular as a way to get more familiar with the operation of power units in general: the ErosTek ET232.

This unit is small and intuitive to use, with just a few knobs on the front panel to select the mode or routine, output level controls for each channel (A and B) and a MultiAdjust or MA knob between them to control the tempo and/or frequency of the selected mode.

Mode Selector:

  1. Turns ET232 ON an OFF
  2. Selects the mode or routine


  • There are 2 outputs available: channels A and B.
  • Each is independent of the other (think stereo).
  • There are level controls for each channel, making it easy to adjust each to the desired level.
  • Output jacks on the top of the case connect to lead wires, which are connected to electrodes that are placed in or on the body.

MultiAdjust or MA:

  • MA controls the tempo, speed and/or frequency of the selected mode.
  • Allows the user to vary the feel of the selected routine in real-time.
  • You can think of it like a “speed control”. Turn it clockwise for faster and smoother — counter-clockwise for slower and pulsing.

What powers the ET232?

The ET232 is powered by either a 9-volt alkaline battery or a universal AC adapter that can be connected to any AC mains receptacle worldwide. It’s small and portable when running on batteries and can run for longers periods of time when tethered to the AC adapter. Depending on your scenario, you can have complete portability or extended runtime with the ET232. The ET232 lasts for about 6 hours on a fresh battery. And I know there are rechargeable 9-volt batteries on the market, but most of them don’t have a high enough voltage to power the ET232, so if you want to use a battery, an alkaline or lithium type is recommended.

I really want to get wired up? How do I DO it?

1. Think about which parts you want to stim — Cock? Balls? Ass? All of the above? — then choose a few electrodes to do that. If it’s your very first time, a set of gel electrodes can be a great way to see how e-stim feels on various body parts, and these and other electrodes are included in our Package Deals to help you have what you need to get started.

2. Choose your power unit. There are many power units available, but let’s continue with the ET232 is the power unit for now. Attach a fresh battery and secure the battery lid or use the AC adapter. It’s OK to keep the battery connected. Make sure the ET232 is OFF by turning the Mode Selector to [OFF].

3. Free your mind. Set aside an hour or so of uninterrupted private time to explore — there’s no need to rush. We’re talking about your pleasure, so turn off your ringer, back away from the usual distractions, and let yourself go. You’ve been thinking about getting wired up for awhile now, haven’t you? Now it’s happening.

4. Drop your drawers and get naked, if you’re not there already.

5. Grab a set of lead wires and notice that one end has a single right-angled plug while the other end has two separate banana plugs.

6. Connect each of the banana plugs to the jacks on your electrodes as follows:

— If using gels, you’ll connect one of the plugs to an adapter than makes the tip small enough to fit inside the gel connector. This smaller tip is often called a TENS pin based on the gel’s wide use in the area of pain management. I know lots guys who got their first taste of e-stim from a TENS unit or similar treatment device used in physical therapy or acupuncture. Electro-stim seems to be popping up everwhere! But where were we? Ah, the banana plugs and the TENS pins. What we need is a simple adaptation from a larger pin (4mm banana plug) to a smaller pin (2mm TENS). You’ll find you need an adapter every once in awhile to make a connection go together. Once you’ve placed the adapter on the lead wire plug, connect the smaller TENS pin into the gel pad jack. Do this for each gel you’ll be using.

— If using an ECup, CockCap, EBand, FlexProbe, Dual EBand and any other electrode with a 4mm banana jack, simply plug one of the lead wire plugs into the jack. No adapter is needed to make the connection to these.

— If using other electrodes having the smaller 2mm TENS connection, you’ll need to plug an adapter (Bananas to Pins) on the lead wire first in order to connect it to the device. The bipolar plugs we sell include a right-angle version of the adapter which is a bonus: the right-angled pin plugs into the base of the plug and makes a low-profile connection. That means you can safely sit down, or do whatever you want to do, while wired up and stimming.

7. Attach the electrodes. Get in gear!

— For gels, you’ll want to clean your skin with soap and water, then dry it off before attaching the gels. The adhesive backing sticks like crazy to freshly-cleaned skin, but doesn’t work so well with body oils and lube. Gels are the prima donnas of e-stim. They have to have it their way, or they stop sticking and fall off. Clean skin + gels = happiness.

— For cock and ball electrodes, you can decide on what you like best: conductive electrode gel (like Spectra 360) or water-based lubricant (I use Gun Oil H2O). In order to promote the current flow, you need to put something between the metal or conductive rubber surface of the device and your body. Conductive gels and water-based lubes act to moisturize the skin and promote current flow. Using Spectra gel provides a slightly more conductive condition, and I’ve been using it more and more lately for e-stim with great results. As I unscrew the top, I know I’m about to get my electro-treatment again — that faint blue gel readily sticks to whatever I smear it on. Good stuff.

— For anal probes, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the mood to put something in your ass. If you’re not sure how to go about this, I’ve listed some resource in the last chapter — Final Thoughts : Resources. When you’re ready to go, apply some water-based lube or conductive gel to the probe and your anus to make it easy for the plug to slide in. Connect the lead wires (and adapters if needed) to the base of the plug. Slowly insert the plug while imagining your taking a shit. I know, it shouldn’t work, but it does. Once the plug is in place, wash your hands. The hard part is over. All that’s left is connecting your unit to the power unit.

8. Last steps and pre-flight.

You’re almost there! The following order is a guide to avoid any sudden surprises. There’s no need to get off on the wrong foot!

Electro Pre-Flight Checklist:

[  ] Set the Scene. Decide on the time and place to do this.

[  ] Gather whatever media turns you on and keeps you in the mood. Solo or with someone else. Whatever works.

[  ] Get in gear. Connect lead wires to the devices you want to wear.

[  ] You need to use both wires in order to make a complete circuit or “closed loop” for current to flow.

[  ] Set Mode Selector to OFF.

[  ] Set output levels to minimum — all the way down — counter-clockwise (CCW).

[  ] Install a fresh battery or use the supplied AC adapter.

[  ] Turn the Mode knob to any mode. LEDs should flash to show channel activity.

[  ] Turn the Mode knob back to OFF while connecting lead wires.

[  ] Double-check: output levels are at their minimums — fully CCW.

[  ] Now — connect lead wire(s) to output jack(s). You can use just one or both outputs depending on how many electrodes you’re wearing.

[  ] Turn the Mode to desired setting. “Intense” has a serious name, but it’s a basic routine and a good one to start with.

[  ] Slowly turn up the output level of each channel until you begin to feel the stim.

[  ] Adjust the MultiAdjust or MA control to slow down or speed up the routine.

[  ] Adjust the output levels as desired.

[  ] Adjust the MA control as desired.

[  ] Select another mode if desired.

[  ] Feel the stim.

[  ] Explore. Explode.

[  ] Relax in the afterglow. This is very important. You’ll have time to get out of that gear and clean yourself up. Now, just relax with the levels turned down or OFF and just BE. How does it feel to be in that body of yours right now?

[  ] Power OFF.

[  ] Disconnect lead wire(s).

[  ] Disconnect electrodes.

[  ] Clean up your gear and yourself.

[  ] Smile broadly.

 Powerful ET312

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  1. Paul Merifield

    Will the ECup , the Cockcap and MJ anal plug or the moaner all work with the ET232.

    • eric@erostek.com Post Author

      Yes, you can. This is how I stim most of the time: connect an ECup and CockCap to one channel and a bipolar plug (in my case, it’s usually a Large Flo) to the other channel. This gives you independent outputs and level control for the front and back sides, and feels great. You can also change up the wiring once you get a feel for how this feels. ENJOY! —Eric

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