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ErosLink for ET312 Updater 1.1a

Click on the file below to download the ErosLink 1.1A Updater. Running the Updater will upgrade your ErosLink 1.0 or 1.1 installation to the latest availble.

Please note the following:

The new user submitted routines are installed in the Designer directory. Only the original factory routines are contained in the Routines directory. To access the new routines from within ErosLink, open the Designer folder.

If you used the default directory when you originally installed ErosLink, you only need run the Updater and click through the prompts. If you have ErosLink installed in a different directory, you must specify that directory when running the Updater.
When the upgrade is correctly installed, the Help window should display ErosLink 1.1A in the upper left corner.

The Updater includes updated help documentation (UserGuide.htm).
If you have any problems with this upgrade, please contact SexTek for support.

NOTE: If you have any problems, uninstall ErosLink and start over with your ErosLink CD and then install the updater to the same folder.

Download ErosLink 1.1A Updater (1632k)