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So far we’ve talked about some of the ways you can get wired up using electrodes designed for various parts of the body that are then connected to a power unit which creates the current flow that feels good. The power unit we started with — the ET232 portable — is versatile and small. You can use it anywhere, even out at a bar or club, and definitely when traveling on vacation, or as they say in Europe, “on holiday.” But there’s an even smaller power unit that was designed with one main purpose in mind: remote control. That power unit is called the ET302R and I’ll go into detail about how you can use it in this chapter.

The cool thing about e-stim is: once you’ve found the gear that fits you and feels good, you can connect to whatever power unit you want, depending on your mood. For me that decision depends on where I happen to be:

  • In my house? ET312B.
  • Traveling or wanting some variety? ET232.
  • Remote control of someone? ET302R.

I know that some users choose an ET302R as their first power unit, thinking they will cover all of their needs with this one tiny unit. If solo play and experimentation are the main goals, I suggest not starting with the 302R since it requires its remote transmitter to operate the various functions and can be a bit complicated to understand at first. The easiest power unit for beginners, in my opinion, is the portable ET232. But there are times when you want an even smaller power unit, one that can be controlled from a distance, and in those cases, the ET302R is the logical choice. Here’s how it works.

There are two pieces to the ET302R: the power unit and the remote transmitter. A transmitter is a device that generates a radio-frequency signal used to send information to another device called a receiver. In this case, the ET302R power unit acts as a receiver for the control signals sent by the remote transmitter.  These signals are able to be received at a distance of 100 feet (30 meters) more or less depending on the environment. In open outdoor areas, the distances are longer, whereas indoors, it can be shorter due to interference with other radio devices nearby. In all cases, the 302R is entirely controlled by its remote transmitter. There is only one button on the 302R power unit — the power switch — and it only turns the unit ON. To turn it OFF, you need the remote transmitter. This may seem odd, but if you consider the original design goal — BDSM — it makes perfect sense. This is the kind of unit you’d put on someone who is willingly giving control over to someone else. And in that scenario, you don’t want the sub (submissive, the one being controlled) to accidentally or otherwise turn the power unit OFF by pressing the power button. That would ruin everything, right? So the power button on the ET302R turns the unit ON and that’s it. All other functions are controlled remotely, which is makes perfect sense for a control scene.

You may be wondering: “What’s BDSM?

That’s a good question. I have my interpretation. The letters B-D-S-M stand for Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism. That sounds like a lot, right? Let’s break it down:

  • Bondage: tying someone up (or being tied up) using any manner of rope, leather, or other materials for the purpose of restraining movement.
  • Discipline: doing what you’ve been trained to do. It can also be mixed with dominance and submission. “Get on the floor and lick my boot!” So many options.
  • Sado: one who inflicts pain on another.
  • Masochism: the desire to be punished or have pain inflicted on oneself.

There is a growing library of books, articles, magazines, websites and other venues discussing BDSM and the various alternative sexual practices we have discovered over the ages. In the BDSM world, devices like the ET302R are another badge of honor and a necessary accessory for those who seek to control others.

But you don’t have to be into BDSM in order to enjoy the ET302R, but do keep in mind, this is what it was originally intended for. It was designed by a brilliant kinkster who thought the world was ready for something more advanced. His first remote unit was made at the urging of several close friends who wanted such a device. That first device was called the ET201R and required a screwdriver to change its mode setting. It was a low-volume product, hand-assembled, with each component part soldered to a crude circuit board. This marked the start of ErosTek. From that beginning, other units have been designed and built including the ET302R, ET232, and ET312B.

Getting to know the ET302R

The power unit listens for control signals sent by the handheld transmitter. It’s output depends on the signals it receives from the transmitter. The display briefly shows either the current mode (when selecting a mode), the output level (when adjusting levels) or the channel activity (while unit is ON with output level(s) set higher than 00. It does a lot in a small space, and can be a bit challenging to understand at first glance. However, it’s mysteries are revealed with some practice and careful review of the User Guide which explains all of the functions of the power unit and remote transmitter.

The transmitter sends control signals to the power unit (receiver) using 4 buttons labeled “0”, “1”, “2” and “3”. The function of each button is listed under each key. Some functions — like [mode / output for channel B] — require holding one button while pressing and releasing another.

Getting Started with the ET302R:

1 – Install a fresh 9 volt alkaline battery in the battery compartment. 
2 – Connect your accessories/electrodes to the Out A and Out B jacks. You must either use a bipolar electrode device or two monopolar electrodes with each output. If you only need one output, use Out A. 
3 – Press the red On button on the front panel. The display should briefly show "On"
4 Press the “3” button on the remote to increase the intensity to the desired level for channel A. If you’re using both channels, press and hold the “1” button on the remote while pressing the “3” button to increase the intensity to the desired level for channel B. For most uses, asetting between 15 and 30 on the display is sufficient.
5 – The unit should now be providing stimulation in the Basic mode (mode 0). Always use the Basic mode to initially set the intensity level(s). Once you have the level(s) set, if you would like a different mode, press and hold the “0” button while pressing the “2” or “3” buttons to select one of the other 9 modes. 

The ET302R can take some practice to operate correctly and although I’m the kind of guy (like you?) who likes to dive right in without referring to the user guide, in the case of the ET302R,  I suggest you spend some time with the User Guide experimenting with the different modes and output levels until you understand the way it works. This is especially important before you wire someone else up. The person under control needs to be able to trust you, and trust comes from confidence, which comes from experience. Get to know the ET302R and you will be a master of another realm: Remote-Controlled E-Stim!

 Final Thoughts

2 responses to Remotely ET302R

  1. Marcus

    I always wanted to be remotely controllable by my girlfriend. The ET-302r finally made this possible. I was tied to the ceiling and she’d sit on the sofa, pushing the buttons. The sensations went from very pleasureable to painful, and I also must say, that I almost immediately cum in certain modes at levels above 30 with a cock cap.
    Once I placed some self adhesive TENS pads above and on my penis and below my balls, and the random mode somehow made me pee. Incredible feeling, to be made to pee by a remote control. 🙂

    • Post Author

      Hello Marcus: Thanks for sharing your experience in such fine detail! —Eric

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