Powerful ET312B

Now that you understand the function of a power unit and how to get yourself wired up to one, I’d like to introduce some additional techniques using a more advanced unit: the Powerful ET312B.

Although the ET312B has been available for awhile, it continues to reign supreme in terms of power output, battery life, and stereo audio processing. At first glance, it may seem a little daunting, but in fact the basic operation is similar to the ET232 we just described.

  • There is a MultiAdjust (MA) control for setting the speed of the selected routine, output controls for setting the channel levels, and a few pushbuttons that allow you to easily select the mode and adjust other settings (using the Menu key) that allow you to customize the unit for your particular tastes.
  • The liquid-crystal display (LCD) makes it easy to see the mode you’re in and also displays the current setting for each output channel. The fact that it’s lighted makes it easy to read in dimly-lit rooms. After some practice, you’ll most like not even need to look at the display that much while wired up and running, unless you want to change the Mode. The three knobs are easy to memorize: MA, Channel A, Channel B. Once you remember the sequence, it’s fairly easy to grab and go, making adjustments without taking your attention away from whatever you’re watching or doing while stimming.
  • The jacks are found on the bottom row below the knobs. There is a Mic jack for connecting the included microphone and an Audio jack for connecting a stereo sound source, like an iPod or iTunes on your computer. Both of these jacks are used in the Audio modes: Audio 1 is tailored for the microphone input, while Audio 2 and 3 work best with stereo programs via the Audio jack.
  • There’s also a Link jack. That’s where you connect the serial cable for ErosLink connects, allowing you to extend the features of the ET312B using optional ErosLink software.
  • Finally there are the output jacks for channels A and B. This is where you connect the lead wires for to the electrodes that get attached to your body. Completing the row of jacks is a DC coax connector where the output of the AC adapter plugs in to power the ET312B and charge its built-in rechargeable battery.

Getting to know the ET312B: Waves, Intense, Toggle

When you first get started, the ET312B can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things it can do! Perhaps the best place to start is by describing a few of the 18 built-in modes.


This is the mode the 312 powers up in, and it’s a great introduction to the feelings you can get with the 312. Waves is characterized by its drifting fade between channels A and B, the speed of which is controlled — like most things — with the MultiAdjust or MA control. This mode demonstrates smooth transitions in output level and frequency with no sudden surprises. It’s a great mode to get started with.


It’s name can be misleading. It’s not always intense, but it can be at higher output levels. The cool thing about this mode is it’s simplicity. On channel A, you get a sustained output that varies in frequency depending on the setting of the MA control. The lower frequencies feel throbbing and jabbing. You can easily feel every pulse as a separate beat. As you turn up the MA control, the frequency increases and the pulses become closer together. At some point, I stop being able to feel each pulse and instead feel a buzz that gets smoother and smoother as I turn the MA up to its maximum setting. Once I find the output level I like, I take my time, fiddling with the MA control, lowering and raising the frequency, changing the sensation from gut-punching jolts to feathery smoothness with a hundred points in between. Channel A is where I usually connect my cock and ball electrodes to. 80% of the time, I’m geared up with an ECup and CockCap (or Conductive Rubber Loops) connected to channel A. So what about the other channel, channel B?

While channel A (Intense mode) is sustained, the output from channel B turns ON and OFF over and over again. This is the perfect channel for anal stim — the ON and OFF time is just right to allow the butt muscles to contract and relax again, creating the machine-fucking sensation lots of guys get off on. Of course, you can connect anything to either channel — this is just an example of what I do.


This mode is also pretty simple, but effective. It’s where I go when I need a little break from another routine. Toggle does what it says: it toggles the output between channel A and channel B at a rate determined by the MA control. The basic feeling is “smooth” with a rest break on one channel while the other gets the stim. It’s like a see-saw. Only one of the two channels is ON at once. Channel A goes ON while channel B is OFF and then it alternates or toggles to the other state: Channel A is OFF while channel B is ON. I often end up in Toggle when I’ve been edging[1] for awhile and don’t want to disconnect. These rest periods help my nerve endings recover from periods of extended e-stim and are another strategy for extending the session and pleasures it brings.

Going further with the ET312B: Audio, TriPhase, ErosLink

There is much more to the ET312B than this quick introduction. You can connect an audio source or microphone to the 312 and have it respond by making e-stim pulses that correspond to the sound. In “Audio 3” mode, you can stim for hours using stereo tracks that were designed for the ET312B audio mode. Just make a playlist in iTunes, connect the cable from your music player or computer to the 312, sit back and relax. Unlike the modes you get inside the 312, audio stim allows you to construct long playlists that start off mild and go wild and back again, with little rest breaks in between if you want them. I often use my 312 in audio mode with tracks I’ve found and a some I’ve made specially for the 312 using various synthesizer and DJ programs on a Mac. Try them out and see how you feel. Or make some of your own and let us know so we can share them with others.

[1] edging (noun): prolonged arousal and stimulation leading to the production of pre-cum but not orgasm.

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4 responses to Powerful ET312B

  1. Stig Robertsson

    What is the difference between the older ET312 and ET312B.

    • eric@erostek.com Post Author

      Hello Stig,

      The ET312 originally was made with and without a built-in rechargeable battery: the ET312 (no battery) and the ET312B (with battery). “B” = Battery.

      Sales of the units without the battery were very slow compared to the one with a battery, so we decided to drop the lower-cost unit and focus on the ET312B. It’s been the same unit since, with the exception of a few firmware upgrades over time to accommodate component updates. Most people just drop the “B” and call it an ET312 even though technically it’s an ET312B.

      I hope this helps!


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