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There’s another area of interest — your balls. Whether you like your balls played with or not, there’s a way to connect them so that you feel the stim or not. You might be wondering how that’s possible. Here’s a secret that you can use anytime you’re contemplating an electro-stim session: smaller electrodes tend to produce more intense sensations than larger electrodes. The effect is directly related to the balance of each electrode’s surface area. Another way to imagine this is to compare the sensations felt by pressing a sharpened pencil onto your finger vs. the rubber eraser tip. One feels more intense than the other, right? You can see why that would be so. There is more force per unit area applied by the sharpened pencil tip than the much larger surface of the rubber eraser on the other end. Similarly, when it comes to choosing electrodes, the difference in surface areas will usually result in more intense sensation being felt on the one with the smaller surface area.

Knowing this, you can decide how you want to use your balls. Do you want to feel the stim there or not? I personally don’t like my balls slapped or otherwise abused. Licking? Yes. Some pressure applied? Sure. But having them beaten and slapped around is not my idea of pleasure. I know that some of you like it intense and I’ll explain a means of applying a mechanical and electrical force that you’ll definitely feel in your balls. To continue, let’s describe what we call a “common electrode” and see how the ElectroCup (aka “ECup”) is used to create just that.

If you don’t want to feel the stim on your ball sac why wire the balls at all?

One reason is you that you need two (2) electrodes in order to complete the circuit. This is called a closed loop and in order for the low voltages we’re using to flow into and out of your body, you need to have two conductive surfaces (electrodes) for each channel. But if you don’t like to feel sensation in a certain place — the balls, for example — what can you do? Pair an electrode with a large surface area to an electrode with a smaller surface area.

For example, I use an ECup almost every time I get wired up. I pair it with either a CockCap XL or a Conductive Rubber Loop. This way, the ECup acts as a large common electrode —  a place for current to return to — with barely any sensation felt when paired with a smaller electrode. I never feel much at all through the Cup when I stim unless I’m playing with one of the larger anal probes. It takes something about the same size or larger than the ECup to bring it to life, so to speak. And most of the electrodes you’ll use, with the exception of some of the larger anal probes, have a smaller surface area than the ECup. So it will be there, silently completing the electrical circuit.

Now if you don’t feel it on your balls, where then do you feel it? In my experience, the sensation of stim begins at the root of my cock and travels along the entire shaft to the head whether I’m pairing it with a CockCap, a metal cock ring, or conductive rubber loop. Once the nerve endings in the cock are stimulated, they radiate along the length of the shaft. Your mileage may vary of course, but I’ve confirmed this effect with fellow stimmers. If you want to really feel your cock stimmed, I suggest a large scrotal electrode like the ECup. You won’t feel it on your balls but you’ll definitely feel it everywhere in between it and the electrode it’s paired with.

For those of you who like some pressure along with electro-stim on the balls, there are several options.

First, there are Gel Electrodes. They stick to the skin and come in a variety of sizes, from small tabs to larger pads. Take two of them and place one on each side of the scrotum and you’re going to feel it right inside your balls. The current will travel in the small area between the two pads — from one side of the ball sac to the other — and this limited area of stimulation can produce some very intense sensations.

Old school BDSM players wrap lengths of bare copper wire around the balls, coiling a piece round and around each ball and connecting each pair of coils to the output channel of a power unit. The small surface area of the wire along with the tension of the coils isolates each ball under the skin, creating an intense sensation. It hurts! — and that’s the point. There are so many ways you can use electro-stim and BDSM has its place in electro-play. You can go there if you want, but you don’t have to. There is a world of pleasure available using e-stim. With the same power unit, you can experience immersive pleasure or intolerable pain. It all depends on the electrodes you choose, how you set the output levels on the power unit and who has control — is it you or someone you really trust?

For most of us, the balls are a convenient place to create a return path for the electrode it’s paired with. There’s not much sensation in the balls themselves, and for most guys, that’s perfectly OK.

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  1. Oldfart

    With a pad on the bottom of my scrotum and a pad on the base of my cock and one on each side of my balls is exquisite.

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