Installing ErosLink on Vista

Installating ErosLink

ErosLink for the ET312B runs on Windows 98ME through Vista. Refer to the ErosLink User Guide for more information on installing and using this software.

If you are using our USB to Serial adapter you need to upgrade the USB driver for Vista after installing ErosLink using the CD. After downloading and installing the update, you will need to restart your computer in order to refresh the USB driver.

Assembling the Cable

The serial link cable connects to the USB adapter via a 9-pin “D” connector and is secured with thumb screws. The USB cable is connected to an available USB port on your computer. The mini plug end is plugged into the Link jack of your ErosTek ET312B.


It’s a good idea to connect the cable from your computer to the ET312‘s Link port with the ET312 OFF, then turn it ON just before launching ErosLink to make sure it has a fresh start.

Also, make sure that the front panel of the 312 is positioned so that the jacks are properly lined up with each hole. Sometimes the panel may vibrate enough during shipment to obscure the Link jack. Pressing inward on the front panel while moving it side to side often makes it slide into place and remain there.

If you have any problems installing ErosLink, please let us know.

Do you have an ErosTek ET312B and want more information about ErosLink?

2 responses to Installing ErosLink on Vista

  1. Jeffrey Day

    Dear Erostek,
    I bought your Erostec 312 a while back, before changing to a new computer with Windows Vista. I now find I need an adaptor to link my erostek 312 to the new computer via a USB rather than the RS232 port, no longer on my new machine.
    Please can you supply this, and a driver if necessary, so I can continue to add user routines to my machine and continue my pleasure in variety!

    Jeffrey Day

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