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To Shave or Not to Shave?

I got 3 emails this week asking about the same thing, which means it’s time to post something for those of you who didn’t ask. The question this week: “Should I shave before I stim?”

Shaving has always seemed optional and I’ve never given it much thought. I shaved my balls and butt in the shower a few weeks ago and noticed a big improvement in the e-stim session I had later that evening. Shaving started innocently enough — I wanted my cock to look a bit bigger by shaving some excess hair from my sac — but wound up making my stim session one of the best ever.

Shave Your Balls!

Do you need to shave your balls before you stim? I depends on how much hair you’ve got on your sack and how you stim.

If you’ve got a dense matt of fur down there and never use a gel pad or E-Cup when stimming, you get a pass. If you’re using the E-Cup which is held nice and tight via it’s neoprene jockstrap, the hairs won’t interfere as much, but they might impede current flow enough to cause you to turn up the levels higher than you’d need with shaved skin.

Higher levels tend to cause numbing and require more frequent rest intervals — which is something I do during longer sessions (1 hour or more) — but when starting out, it’s nice to feel every little sensation.

Shaving your balls when using the E-Cup is optional but I can definitely feel an improvement after I shave.

I can start at a lower level and feel more of the signal through my cock. I almost always pair the E-Cup with a CockCap XL and even though the cup diffuses the current enough to make is “silent” in terms of sensation, the improved conductivity with a shaved ball sac is noticeable and an overall improvement.

Those Sticky Gels

With gel electrodes, shaving is more important since the gel surface needs bare skin to adhere properly and hair simply gets in the way. You’ll notice a big improvement in adhesion and conductivity if you shave, wash and dry your skin before applying gel electrodes on your balls.

My Butt Too?

With the MJ and Moaner butt plugs, we enter the area of shaving the skin adjacent to the anus. Yes, I’m suggesting that you shave your butt if you use the MJ and Moaner type plugs, simply because they use a top-bottom electrode arrangement, placing one of the electrodes on the outside of the anus which is impeded by too much hair. I personally love these two plugs and didn’t realize the difference a little shaving in the shower can make. If you’re using the ElectraStim plugs, shaving your butt isn’t as important as these plugs have a side-to-side electrode arrangement and are mostly conducting inside rather than outside.

How to Shave?

I recommend taking your time in a warm shower, with lots of shaving cream and a fresh disposable razor blade securely clipped into your shaving handle. Warm water tends to relax the scrotum, making it easy to grab a bit and pull it taut while shaving it free of hair. To free the hair you’ve just cut, simply move the shaver along your leg going the opposite way, thereby transferring the cut hairs to your leg where they can be easily collected with a piece of toilet tissue after you’re done. You can flush them down the drain of course, but depending on your plumbing, this might not be a great idea.

Shaving your butt can be challenging to do all by yourself. I do it all the time, but I’ve had some practice. If you have a willing shower buddy, this is a great way to bond over something that requires a moderate amount of trust. Either way: go slowly, enjoy the process and imagine how great your stim session will feel when you’re done.

Safer by Design

Many of our readers have asked about the safety of our power units. I posed this question to our electrical engineer — here’s what he had to say:

ErosTek products have been designed to be within approved levels of electro-stimulation.

Many medical devices have a maximum output exceeding ErosTek power units. The energy in the waveform is a function of the current delivered into the body over a period of time. ErosTek products employ very low duty-cycle waveforms with very little “ON” time. Consequently, the total energy delivered to the body is kept below levels of medical devices designed for safe use on the human body.

At the intensity levels typically used, the current, voltage, and total energy are very similar to a TENS unit. TENS units are often used for extended periods of time without medical supervision to reduce back pain and other chronic forms of pain.

The maximum average output, per channel, of ErosTek devices is well under 1 Watt.

The same amount of power sourced from a continuous-wave AC source equates to about 5 mA of current — 0.005 Amp — at 120 Volts AC. This amount of energy is too small to cause burns when used with commercial erotic electro-stimulation electrodes and very unlikely to cause any sort of lasting harm.

ErosTek power units also, unlike most competing erotic power units, use a fully bipolar symmetrical waveform similar to high-end medical devices. This more costly design significantly reduces the risk of potentially harmful electromigration.

In summary, ErosTek power units are similar to many medical devices in terms of output power and stimulation waveforms. They also have one of the longest track records for safety of any erotic electro-stimulation devices on the market.

Customs duties for international shipments

Some more questions and answers regarding International Shipping…

Q: I’d like to avoid paying customs duties by having you state that my order is a “gift” or reducing the value. Is this OK? Thanks.

A: It’s illegal to state that an order from us is a gift or to list anything less than the actual value of the items on customs forms. Where this might have gone unnoticed in the past, the prevalence of the internet and search engines like Google make it very easy for customs officers to check a listed value against its market value. While I too dislike paying extra for things I want, this is the nature of doing business between countries and we have decided long ago to do it right and list the values accurately. This avoids delays and potential embarrassment by officials who scan incoming packages through customs. It also allows us to insure the packages to their full value in case of damage or loss during transit.

Q: Can you ship to Russia?

A: No. We are not able to reliably get our products through customs in Russia.

Q: How much will it cost to receive my package through customs. How long it will take for me to get it?

A: This depends on the country you live in. Most countries add sales taxes to incoming shipments. There may be additional fees. Estimate 20% added to the product total (less shipping costs).

Q: I live in Australia. Do you have an adapter that will work here?

A: The included AC adapter is a newer auto-sensing type and will work in any country and comes with 3 plug inserts for outlets having a UL (US/Canada), EU or UK mains connector. You will need a slip on plug convertor to change one of those pin types to the ones used in Australia or other countries. There is no need for another transformer to convert the voltage or frequency (Hz). Our AC adapter does this automatically.

Training Modes + ErosTek ET302R

[This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a customer. =E]

The ErosTek ET302R is a unique unit. It allows you to control someone else from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away using a small 4-button remote transmitter. From the transmitter, you can change the mode, output intensities and place the unit in standby (On/Off) or power the unit down completely. You get lots of control.

There is a difference in 3 of the 10 modes. Modes 7 through 9 are called “Training Modes” as they are designed to output a different pulse train when buttons 1, 2, or 3 are pressed. Imagine signaling your sub to get you a drink, sit, or do anything else you train him or her to do.

To feel anything in these modes, you need to adjust the output levels for channels A and B using one of the other (non-training) modes first. Once you select a training mode, the buttons take on their new “training mode” features and adjustment of outputs A and B is no longer available.

If your ET302R appears to be working in the other modes, but not in modes 7 through 9, make sure you’ve adjusted the output levels before going into one of the training modes. Once you’ve entered one of these modes, the level adjustments are not longer available. Instead, you get to select which stim pulse train will start by pressing button 1, 2 or 3. You can find this information and more in the ET302R User Guide.

ET312 Battery Care Tips

I received an email from a customer today asking some questions about his new ET312, specifically why the battery level seems to fluctuate suddenly when the AC adapter is connected, and why the charge level seemed so low when he first turned it on.

The battery level displayed can be a little confusing. Here’s how it works.

When plugged into the AC adapter, the battery level displayed is higher since it sees the charging voltage being delivered to the battery via the charging circuit. It’s normal for the displayed value to increase to 99% as soon as the adapter is connected, but this isn’t really displaying an accurate battery charge level. In order to sense the battery voltage, the AC adapter needs to be disconnected before the ET312 is powered on. [Future idea: Maybe there should be a way of disabling the battery charging circuit during power-up in order to get a more accurate display of the battery level, with or without the charger being connected. Noted.]

The percent charge is also an approximate figure. It’s normal for our units to ship with a battery that is 50% – 75% or more charged when you first turn it on. For best results, connect it to the AC adapter and let it charge overnight to stabilize the battery level. Then make sure it gets connected to the charger at least once a month — or just leave it connected all the time. It won’t hurt the battery.

Don’t forget about the ET312 for 6 months and then expect the battery to have any life left in it. It will slowly discharge by itself so charging it routinely is the best course.

ET312B and MK-312BT: Powerful menu options

Let’s say you own one of the best erotic e-stim units out there: an ErosTek ET312B or the latest MK-312BT. Do you wish it could feel even smoother and have even more power than it does when you take it fresh from the factory box? Using the Menu function, you can do both of these and so much more.

I’ll show you how to increase the power range from the factory-default (Normal) to the maximum range (High) using the Menu key. Next I’ll show the steps that allow you to increase the maximum frequency to provide the smoothest waveforms possible. Finally, I will show the steps to save both of these changes into flash memory so that they remain even when the unit is turned off and back on again. And if you mess up and want to go back to factory-fresh, I have a bonus set of steps for you.

Let’s begin:

More Power, Please

To change the power level:

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Pressing UP or NEXT [–>] 3 times until you see: Set Pwr Level?
  3. Press OK to confirm
  4. Press UP or NEXT [–>] once. You should see: Pwr Lev: High
  5. Press OK to confirm

Make it Smooth

You can increase the output frequency for smoother feeling outputs.

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Pressing DOWN or PREVIOUS [<–] once. You should see: Adjust Advanced?
  3. Press OK
  4. Press UP or NEXT [–>] 4 times until you see: Freq. Adjust?
  5. Press OK
  6. Press UP or NEXT [–>]  2 times until you see: Freq. 250
  7. Press OK

Don’t Forget to Save

To save your custom settings for the next time (even after powering your unit off and back on):

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Press UP or NEXT [–>] 5 times until you see: Save Settings?
  3. Press OK
  4. You should see: Saved! Press Any Key…

That’s it! The Menu has a lot of things you can change. If you get confused or don’t like the output you’re getting, you can always reset your unit back to its factory-default settings.

Resetting your ET312B or MK-312BT

  1. Turn the power OFF
  2. Hold down the UP or NEXT [–>] and DOWN or PREVIOUS [<–] buttons
  3. Turn the power ON
  4. Release the buttons
  5. Reset complete!

I hope these steps help you get more from your ET312B or MK-312BT. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me at You can see these steps and more in the ET312B User Guide or new MK-312BT User Guide.

Plays well with others

You might be thinking of getting an ErosTek unit but wonder if your existing collection of electrodes and e-stim accessories are going to work. The short answer is: They Will. With the use of adapters (as needed), you can connect virtually any electrostim accessory to an ErosTek power unit. And most will just plug and play. But how do you know?

When you purchase an electrode accessory from our SexTek Online Store you will notice whether or not an adapter is needed on each product page. For the most part, all of our reusable electrodes come with an adapter included. The exception is our low-cost gel electrodes and a few separate electrodes that become part of a larger set. To be sure, just read the product page and you will see if you need an adapter that is not already included.

If you have electrodes from other manufacturers, there are some basic rules to follow. The main point to remember is that an ErosTek unit comes with leadwires that use a 4 mm banana connection. These plugs have a four-sided flat spring that compresses to make a tight connection with the mating jack. If your electrode has a 4mm banana jack (or “banana jack”), it will connect to an ErosTek unit without an adapter.

From Left to Right: 4mm banana plug, 2mm TENS plug

Some accessories have a small pin jack that is usually connected to a TENS unit. A TENS pin measures 2 mm (0.080″) in diameter. “TENS” = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a medical use of electro-stimulation for the reduction of chronic pain. Gel electrodes and some other toys have leads designed to be plugged into a TENS pin lead. For these toys, our Bananas to Pins adapter works perfectly in converting a banana plug (from an ErosTek unit) to the smaller TENS pin required by these toys.

Other manufacturers use a snap adapter connection, like the one on our ElectroBand and Dual E-Band. For these types of toys, our Banana-Snap adapter will convert a banana plug to a 4mm snap connection. Some PES electrodes use a pinch-type snap connector instead of our spring-loaded snap jack. If you need this particular type of snap connector, it’s easy to purchase one of their Umbilical Cords or regular leadwire sets directly from their online store. The plugs that connects to their power unit is the same plug used by an ErosTek unit, so their leadwires will plug directly into an ErosTek with no further adapting.

With the right equipment, it’s pretty easy to do electro-stim right the first time you try it. If you need any help in figuring out what you need, our Support Page is the place to go for email, chat or telephone support.

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Traveling with ErosTek gear


I’ve been a loyal customer for several years now (thanks for  all the fun!). I was wondering if you or anyone you know has experience traveling on airlines with an ET312 unit and “accessories”?

Do you know if you can “carry on” an ET312 unit without loads of  questions or issues? Have you ever done it? Did you have to explain what it was? OR… do you have to put is in checked luggage. Even then, since they look at all checked luggage too, has that ever been an issue. I’d just like to possible travel with my toys but didn’t know if  it’s possible or practical. THANKS for your help and advice.

– Tom


Hello Tom,

Thanks for your email. I’m glad you’re enjoying e-stim and our products. I have traveled with my ET312 and ET232 [and ET302R remote] many times and in each case, I’ve carefully packed each in my checked baggage. I’ve heard of users carrying on their ET312 and explaining that it’s a test instrument used for home theater systems (or something similar). The agent usually asks for you to turn it on just to prove that it does something, but otherwise, passes it through with no problems. It’s a good idea to pack your accessories and electrodes separately if possible or just pack them together in your checked baggage. I’ve attended a variety of fetish events in the USA and other countries over the years with loads of e-stim and other gear and have never had a problem getting them through customs or domestic baggage inspectors.

I hope this helps!


I bag my accessories in opaque nylon bags like the ones found in your local hiking or camping store (I bought mine at REI) and stow them in my checked bag. This keeps the gear from getting separated during flight and seems to keep inspectors from noticing or handling my personal gear. The less shocked or interested they become when inspecting your bag – if they do – the better.

I remove the 9-volt battery in the ET232 and ET302R and make sure the power on my ET312 is turned OFF and packed securely so that it doesn’t get turned back ON during flight or handling. My Samsonite luggage has a zippered vinyl compartment attached to the inner front panel that accomodates my ET312 and keeps it from getting bumped around or having its power button pressed ON.

If you have any ideas regarding traveling with your e-stim gear, post your comments to this post and I’ll respond to them.

Safe Journeys!

=Eric Forbes

ET302R and ET312B Comparison and Specifications


ET-302R  Remote/Audio

ET-312 Advanced Dual Channel


2 Independent/Isolated

2  (Independent/Isolated) + Phantom 3rd Channel (TriPhase Output)


2-Character Lighted LED

32-Character Lighted LCD + LEDs

Operating Modes

10 – 5 normal, 2 audio, 3 training

18 – 12 normal, 3 audio, 3 tri-phase

Audio  Processing

TENS style modulation

Multiple Advanced TENS style modulation

Remote Control

Digital RF 4 Button (100′ max range)



ON switch & 10 function remote

2 output level controls, Multi Adjust control, 4 Tactile Input Keys

Dynamic Pulse  Technology Parameters

Dynamically adjusted amplitude, modulation, pulse width, rate, frequency, duration & power

Dynamically and manually adjusted amplitude, modulation, pulse width, rate,  frequency, duration, ramp, power, audio sensitivity & more

Output Waveform

Symmetrical AC True Bipolar

Symmetrical AC True Bipolar

Nominal Output Power

60 micro coulombs per pulse

80 micro coulombs per pulse

Output Jack(s)

1 or 2 3.5mm (1/8″)

Two 3.5mm (1/8″) Heavy Duty

Pulse  Width

0 – 500 µsec dynamically adjusted

0 – 500 µsec dynamically adjusted


Built-in high sensitivity

Supplied external electret

Audio  Input

Built in microphone

3.5mm stereo line, 10k ohms, 3 volts RMS max & 3.5mm mono microphone

ErosLink Interface


3.5mm Link Jack – PC Compatible

Disposable Battery

Standard 9 Volt Alkaline


Rechargeable Battery


12v High Capacity 1000 charge cycles

AC Power


UL Listed 12 volt Adapter/Charger 400+ma

Battery Life

2 – 24 hours

4 – 48 hours

Dimensions (approx.)

2.4″ wide, 3.8″ long, 1″ high

8″ wide, 6.75″ deep, 2.5″ high

Weight (w/ battery)

4.2  oz

2 lbs 14 oz

Shipping Weight

approximately 1 pound

approximately 5 lbs

Supplied Accessories

Remote control, (2) right-angle banana plug leadwires, 9-volt battery,  user guide

AC adapter/charger, microphone, two banana plug output cables, audio cable, 22 page user guide


Extra remote control
Uniquely coded remote

ErosLink Software Package, Link Cable, 220 volt AC Adapter