ErosLink Software for the ET312B

Software for your Hardware!

If you already own an ErosTek ET312 Power Unit, this is one option you will not want to pass up! Using any Windows or Apple Mac OS X computer, ErosLink allows you to do several amazing things, including:

  1. Load new routines (25 included on CD!)
  2. Change existing routines
  3. Create completely new routines
  4. Interact with a running routine in real-time

There are two versions available: Windows and Mac OS X

ErosLink for Windows comes with a custom molded serial cable for direct connection to an available serial port, an installation CD, electronic user guide (integrated into the program and viewed using any web browser), and several new factory routines to experiment with and download into your ET-312! The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Now runs on Vista! Find the latest USB drivers here.

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10 responses to ErosLink Software for the ET312B

  1. Paul

    Will Eroslink interfere with a running Windows XP RDP server app, so the Desktop of the PC running Eroslink can be controlled by a remote Windows XP RDP client?

    • erostek

      Hello Paul: I don’t think Remote Desktop will get in the way of ErosLink since it acts as a normal application that happens to use a serial port (or USB to Serial adapter) to connect to another device. I would think this would work just fine. =Eric

  2. zeena

    I recently ordered my 312 and boy was I surprised. Helluvy lot better than expected ! However, the Eroslink software says it is v1.1, while on the net there were posts speaking about v2 (IIRC). Is there any place to go for the update ?

    Speaking about software, is there documented protocol so one could write a little own program to work with the 312 ?

    • erostek

      Hello Zeena,

      I’m glad you like you ET312!

      The ErosLink version 2 supporting internet connectivity is not being developed at this time. Sorry about the confusion there.

      Thanks again for your comments,

      =Eric Forbes

      • Chuck Mer


        Your 312B is a great product. Well thought-out and implemented. Bravo!

        In Sept 2010 you did not respond to the last part of Zeena’s post:

        “Speaking about software, is there documented protocol so one could write a little own program to work with the 312?”

        You did respond that “version 2” is not being developed at this time.

        Eroslink is a fine app but as I recall it is designed to not enable users to adjust certain parameters or perhaps adjust them to potential.

        Wouldn’t it be fair to your customers that you provide the comm protocal so that we may dev our own software and expand use of the unit?

        Perhaps a condition could be that one must purchase Eroslink to obtain the protocol?

        With additional (increased functionality) software available I’d expect sales of the hardware to increase.

        I understand the ramifications of liability, et al, but with an included disclaimer .. why not?

        Please advise. Thank you.


        • erostek

          Thanks for the comment! We do not have a way to allow custom programming of the ET312B via the Link jack. The only method remains via purchasing the ErosLink software for Windows or OS X and using it to create, download or control the ET312B via your computer. I understand your desire (and many others) to control your ET312B “your way” but the interface was never designed to be open, and is crafted to allow the functions needed by ErosLink and not much more. Thanks for letting me know how much you want this. I’ll consider it in our new product designs. =Eric

  3. Bogdan Zamfir

    I have a request to develop a custom application to interact with ErosTek ET-312B. Can I get access to an data exchange API / Protocol to allow me to develop this custom software module?

    Thank you

    • erostek

      The ET312B was not designed to allow open API access to its protocol. The serial communications between ErosLink (software) and the ET312B are not obvious but there was a project on SmartStim that created a library of PERL script commands that could control the ET312B via its serial port. We don’t endorse it, but do not have an official version for development. I hope this helps. –Eric

      • bzamfir

        Thanks for the info.
        However I cannot locate SmartStim site. The one I found seems to have nothing to do with programming or electronic equipments.
        Can you provide me a link to find the PERL software?
        Also, is there any technical manual for the device with some info on serial communication (commands, etc)


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