ErosTek ET302R Remote Power Unit

Imagine a device that slips into your pocket and is completely controlled by a tiny 4-button remote control for portable, public, and BDSM fun. The ErosTek ET302R dual-channel remote-controlled power unit is the only one of its kind to offer legendary ErosTek routines in a small, easily hidden receiver / transmitter pair.

The power unit is small (3.75″ x 2.25″ x 1″) and easy to take wherever you go. The transmitter is even smaller and looks like a car alarm keyfob more than anything else. Discreet? Very!

You get a 100% remote-controlled e-stim unit, designed exclusively for erotic purposes, by ErosTek, the leader in digital erotic e-stim!

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18 responses to ErosTek ET302R Remote Power Unit

  1. gina

    I need to order a remote control for an ET-302R. Is this possible? Thanks for any help I can get about this. Gina

  2. okan

    We received that device and Owner likes to play it, thanks. But there is one and important minus; remote control doesn’t have possibility to show which mode and intensity while slave had device on his belt. Better to make small display on remote.

    • erostek

      Thanks for the idea. It was something we thought about back when the ET302R was being developed, but unfortunately, two-way radio control is very expensive and requires a much larger battery in the handheld transmitter — so we opted for the smaller and more affordable option.

      =Eric Forbes

  3. Jane


    Some years ago I purchased one of your 302R units and after a couple of years it failed – simply lost its smoothness and consistency and started giving jolts after beng used for a period.
    I complained to the seller and was provided with a replacement unit. Unfortunately after an even shorter time period this one started doing the same things and eventually lost what seemed like half its power in one channel, as well.
    After that I gave up and have not had the pleasure of Estim since.
    Do these units have a ‘time life’ as such ie did we just wear them out or was there a comonality in such problems which might have been since fixed?
    Can you suggest what, if anything I could do locally to get one repaired (in New Zealand), or what other ideas you might offer.
    I’m really keen to get back into the Estim but need reassurance that anything new might last. I’m almost tempted to abandon the 302 and go for the 312 instead, but the cost difference is significant. When it was working, in the beginning it was literally fantastical. Jane

    • erostek

      Hello Jane,

      Sorry for the delay.

      Are you having problems with the output jacks perhaps? Are the connections to your leadwires loose? If so, this could be caused by too much force being exerted on the jacks (A and B), which causes them to release from the circuit board.

      Smoothness is usually related to the battery charge. As the battery level drops, the output may become slightly more ragged, but this is usually not significant or long-lasting. Once that starts to become apparent, the low battery message is displayed (bA) and the unit will await a new battery to be replaced.

      I hope this helps,

      =Eric Forbes

  4. Matt

    Th 302R is amazing! The sensations it delivers are fantastic. Don’t be fooled though, it may be battery powered but it is really powerful at higher intensity settings. I can barely get above a 40 on the setting, and it goes much higher than that.

    The portability is GREAT! I have placed this thing in my pocket, connected a couple of attachments (under my pants or shorts), and gone to class, work, shopping, etc. I usually have the remote controller with me, but a few times I have gotten adventurous and turned it on, put it on the “random” setting, and then left the controller in my truck while I went to class and the library. It was awesome!!! It felt like I was getting a blow job while I was sitting in class. Trying to act like nothing was going on (and pay attention) while I was in the midst of other people was fun. I’ve gotten pretty good at it! lol. I’ve only orgasmed while I was in public once, while sitting at a fast food place. Fun to try to keep a straight face and not make noise. 😉

    I’ve had many hands free orgasms using the 302R. They are powerful and feel great. Sometimes though, I like to just keep the setting down low and enjoy the sensation for a couple of hours before turning it up to induce orgasm.

    This would be a great unit for use by yourself or with another. It’s very appropriate for bondage/BDSM play as well. It can be pleasurable, but also can be used to cause pain.

  5. amanda

    Will the power unit work if it gets wet? What if you’re into watersports or it gets semen on it?

    • erostek

      That’s a good question. I can’t advise you to get any electronic device wet unless it’s tested to be “waterproof” and the ErosTek power units including the ET302R remote unit are NOT waterproof. Getting any liquids inside the case or jacks can cause irreparable damage to the circuitry, making a replacement unit the only option. You can locate the unit away from the action though using our extra long lead wires. Just an idea. =Eric

  6. Jasper

    Hi folks,

    where can I buy the ET302R in New York? Is there a new model expected soon?

    Kind regards, Jasper

  7. Paul


    Loved this little device although it stayed in storage for a year or so. But now it’s developed a fault and the display screen keeps flashing with “6A”.

    Is it broken beyond repair? 🙁

    • erostek

      Hello Paul – It sounds like your unit has a low battery (bA). Replacing the 9-volt battery with a fresh alkaline should do the trick. I hope this helps. –Eric

  8. Reuben Debose

    Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Excellent.

  9. Duane

    Being that smartphones and tablets can be used to control devices via wifi, bluetooth, and IR is their any thought to creating an interface that could also send RF signals for the 302R I was just thinking of ways to control long distance possibly during webchat, or also having a computer send a timed routine via RF. I just thought if a computer could send out the RF signals that matched the remote it could add a new dimension.

    Also is their any way to have the 302R not auto shut off after a number of minutes without a button pressed? I really like the rhythm setting as a electronic Chinese water torture predicament but would like to not have someone have to keep pushing a button to keep it on.

    Love the 302R.

    • erostek

      Thanks for the suggestions, Duane. Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the auto-off time (or disable it) and I know there was some interest in modifying the RF transmitter that comes with the ET302R to create an computer interface that way, but I haven’t tried this so I can’t say how feasible it would be. Great ideas for future products — I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks.

  10. Don

    I love the hands-free of it all. My remote is flashing all weird. I can turn on box and it seems fine but remote doesn’t connect, or ? Remote buttons blink randomly. I’ve changed battery in remote also and nothing. Help Thank you

    • Post Author

      Hello Don. You might need to reset your remote code by following the steps on Page 15 of the ET302R User Guide, shown here:

      Changing the Remote Code

      1. Make sure the unit is OFF. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery will ensure that the power is OFF.
      2. Press and hold the “0” button on the transmitter.
      3. Turn the ET-302R on by pressing and releasing the ON button.
      4. Keep the “0” button held down until a two digit number is displayed.
      5. If done properly, the display will then show, in order:
      – Battery Level
      – “On”
      – Remote Code (2 digits)
      – Version Code (2 digits)
      6. Your ET-302R is now ready for use by pressing the red ON button.

      I hope this helps! –Eric

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