Welcome to the ErosTek Blog

Welcome to the ErosTek Blog. Here you’ll find the original ErosTek web sections along with new product announcements and stories from someone who gets wired up on a regular basis… me!

If you’re ready to buy an ErosTek Power Unit and/or  accessories, please visit the ErosTek Online Store. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

=Eric Forbes
President – ECForbes Inc.

2 responses to Welcome to the ErosTek Blog

  1. Bob Crosby

    Hi, I just want to comment on the ET 232 I bought several years ago. It has been my constant friend. I have used it over 500 times, with about 300 climaxes. I even rigged a vacuum pump tube, when the vacuum is applyed The feeling is totaly different, when the penis is stretched tight. Great enjoyment.

    Thanks Bob Crosby

    • erostek

      Hello Bob: I’m glad you love your ET232 so much, and I’m glad to see you’ve been experimenting with new ways to use e-stim too. Very nice. Enjoy! =Eric

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