ErosTek ET232 Portable Power Unit

Don’t let its small size fool you. This dual-channel unit packs a punch and is easy to use right out of the box. It has many features not found in any other portable e-stim unit including:

  • Audio to e-stim feature with built-in microphone and audio input jack. Sums left and right channels of stereo signals automatically.
  • independent output channels for amazing sensations. More erotic than other units which have a single channel feeding both outputs.
  • ErosTek’s MultiAdjust (MA) control provides real-time adjustment of mode tempo and frequency using a single knob.
  • 15 factory routines available: just turn the knob!
  • Special High Frequency (HiFreq) mode for low-level erotic stimulation (300 Hz max frequency)
  • Includes universal 100 – 240VAC adapter and 9 volt battery
  • 2 sets of 52″ long leadwires with factory molded banana plugs
  • Small size (3.3″ x 4.4″ x 1.5″) makes it easy to use and stow
  • 1-Year ErosTek Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • All this for just $299

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17 responses to ErosTek ET232 Portable Power Unit

  1. Lee

    Having both the ET302 and ET232 in my collection already, no matter what you choose from Erostek you are going to get your moneys worth. I have just purchased the ET312b finally, and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  2. Graham

    My partner is into sensation play and I’ve seen one of your bowes with the Orgasm mode demonstrated, and it really seemed to work. The 312B is rather expensive way to start. I saw in the comparisons that the 232 has ErosLink2 Software as an accessory. Does this mean that I could purchase the Orgasm mode for download to my PC and then upload it onto a 232? Does the 232 have a mode/modes that are similar to the 312B Orgam mode, or does that mode require 4 channel?

    Many thanks for any information

    • erostek

      Hello Graham,

      ErosLink 2 for the ET232 is still being developed. I cannot say when it will be available, but it will offer the ability to expand the routines already featured in your ET232 and will be actively advertised once it’s available.

      Thanks for your interest. Enjoy!

      =Eric Forbes

  3. clifton e wright jr


    When purchasing the eurotek et 232 what do i need as basic starter items
    the blue straps would be something i would like

    thank you

    • erostek

      The E-Bands (aka “Blue Bands”) work great as a pair and are easy to use. Great idea for a basic first starter kit… =Eric

  4. steve

    got my 232 last week and it is fantastic. i thought it had a problem because after a bit it quit and just flashed the two blue lights alternately. i went back through the manual and found this means “low battery” so i hooked up the 110v convertor and it worked fine. like the instructions say “use alkaline batteries” this low battery indicator could maybe be highlighted in the manual. i missed it on first read. all in all great american made quality.

  5. Mike Bryant

    Hi Eric,

    Does the 232 have a ramp effect similar to the 312. I have had a 312 and really enjoyed this feature. Unfortunately it was stolen and I cannot afford to replace it as a pensioner. Also does the 232 operate from mains as well as the 9v battery?

    Many thanks


    • erostek

      Hey Mike: The ET232 has a short ramp between modes (like the ET312) so that you can change routines smoothly. It does not have the slow ramp that slowly increases the outputs over a much longer time. That’s a feature that only the ET312 has. I hope this helps! –Eric

  6. Dave

    Eric: How do you do a 3 electrode set up with the ET 232? I assume that 1 of the electrodes is bipolar? Help and comment please.

    • erostek

      Hey Dave… You can use a TriPhase adapter to bridge one lead from each output together. This will give you 3 electrode connections instead of 4. They could all be monopolars – FlexProbe, ECup and CockCap let’s say – or a bipolar and a mono. It’s up to you. I usually use the ECup as the common electrode due to its larger surface area (more diffusion, less intensity) which makes the other electrodes stand out especially if they are smaller in size. I hope this helps!

      • Dave

        Eric: Thank you. I will try this but I have two remaining questions. First on the ET232 with the leads one is solid black and one lead is black with a white stripe. Which of the colored leads is the common that you connect to the Y (ecup) from each channel? I am older and know black as the (-) and red as the (+) so which of the wires are positive and which one is negative? Is the solid black the (-)? Finally I tried using the loud audio on the ET232 but I do not get any blue light and does not seem to work at all. The soft audio has lights and seems to get brighter with more noise. Am I not doing something? I followed the directions but nothing happens so do I need an external m icrophone or something for the Loud audio to work? I was going to try some electronica with it. I really apprciate your help. Dave

        • erostek

          Hey Dave…

          The outputs are AC (alternating current) so instead of polarity – positive (+) and negative (-) – we have phase to consider. I suggest connecting the same wire from each output together.

          You can connect the white striped ones together or the unmarked ones together to form a single common wire between the two outputs. Doing this will keep the outputs in-phase (“synchronized”) with each other.

          Audio Loud works with ambient sounds. Adjusting the MA control will set its sensitivity along a very wide range.

  7. Donald Kelly

    I received my ET-232 yesterday but can’t use it because all of the lead connectors are too large for the accesories I have. EG: electro rubber, square and narrow pads and the blue electro bands.

    Is there a converter available to reduce the connections to a smaller size?
    Thank you,

    • erostek

      Hello Don: It sounds like you need a pair of the Bananas to Pins adapter to mate the lead wire plugs to the smaller TENS pins used by the gel electrodes. The ElectroBands include their own adapter and should connect to the leads already. I hope this helps! –Eric

      • Donald Kelly

        Thank you Eric for your response. After I sent the email about compatbility leads I browsed and found a set of Bananas to Pins adapter and bought two sets.

  8. Nick Kappas

    Hi, does anyone know where the closest repair/service for Erostek units is? I am located in Australia. (Have had my 232 many years and have been very happy with it. Last month though I used it and there was no actual power to the electrodes. All the lights on the unit work fine. I’ve bought a spare set of the blue electrodes thinking that it was them but it is definitely the unit).

    • Post Author

      Hello Nick:

      Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with your ET232. If your unit behaves normally with the LEDs following the outputs on channels A and B, your unit is most likely working fine. Many times the problem lies in the lead wires wearing out after extended use. We sell replacement lead wires for ErosTek power units on our site. We also have extra-long XL lead wires available if you need more distance between you and your power unit. I hope this helps!

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