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How safe are ErosTek devices?

How do ErosTek devices differ from medical devices?

How much current do ErosTek products deliver?

What version of ErosLink software works with the ET-232?

Can I order direct from ErosTek?

Why do your products cost more than others?

Do your products have enough power for BDSM Play?

Just what is “Dynamic Pulse Technology”?

What all can I connect to the audio input?

What accessories can I use with ErosTek products?

We’re a dealer, what is your wholesale pricing?

Q: How safe are ErosTek devices?

A: Because medical e-stim devices such as TENS and EMS devices have a excellent track record for safety, we built upon the same technology used in medical devices and the research that has gone into making them safer. E-stim, however, isn’t without risks and there are some people who shouldn’t use any e-stim device. See our Safety page for more information.

Q: How do ErosTek devices differ from medical devices?

A: While our products use a similar basic waveform compared to many medical e-stim devices, they are NOT designed for treating any sort of medical condition and should not be used for such purposes.  Medical devices were not designed to be erotic, and our products were not designed to treat medical conditions.  Nearly everyone finds our products far more erotic than medical e-stim devices.

Q: How much current do ErosTek products deliver?

A: The simple answer is our products can deliver a lot more current than TENS units and most competing products. Very few of our customers use the full output of our products. The more detailed answer is medical devices use constant current output circuitry that allows for consistent medical e-stim (i.e. a doctor can prescribe 40 milliamps of TENS therapy for 30 minutes per day) that makes it easy to specify their current output. We found constant current e-stim doesn’t feel as good and it’s also not as safe for erotic use. For that reason, our products dynamically adjust their output current to best suit how they’re being used. That makes them feel better and automatically deliver more or less current as required. It also makes it much harder to specify the current output because it depends on how the device is used and how the measurement is performed.

Q: What version of ErosLink software works with the ET-301R or ET-232?

A: I new version of ErosLink for the ET-232 power unit is actively being developed.

Q: Can I order direct from ErosTek?

A: Sorta. SexTek (our brother company) is the factory-direct source for ErosTek units and high-quality e-stim accessories.

Q: Why do ErosTek products cost more than some other erotic units?

A: We simply put a lot more into our products. Our units typically do more than 2 or 3 other units combined.  They also typically cost several times as much to manufacture. Our ET-312B out the door weighs about 5 pounds. That’s a lot of hardware. Our profit margins are actually lower than most of our competitor’s.

Q: Are your products powerful enough for S&M use or are they mainly designed for pleasure?

A: We’re proud of the fact our products do both very nicely. Most users never come close to using the maximum power settings.  Yet our products can also be highly erotic.

Q: Just what is “Dynamic Pulse Technology”?

A: It’s a proprietary method of generating erotic waveforms in the digital domain.  The result is greatly increased variety and unique erotic sensations. You can read all the details in our Technology section.

2 responses to Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. Joe Scanlon

    I intend to buy one of your boxes, but right now I have a question about accessories. One that I’m interested in is an electro pinwheel (like a Wartenburg wheel) that several dealers sell. One version is a single wheel which I assume is unipolar (I’m waiting for my e-mail to be answered), and the other is specifically said to be a bi-polar toy with two wheels.

    I would prefer the single wheel version, but if it’s unipolar, I guess that means I’d have to use two at the same time in the same area of the body, is that correct?


    • erostek

      Hello Joe. The wheel works well when you pair a unipolar (single wheel) with a larger electrode (ex. E-Cup over the balls, or larger gel electrode) which will focus the sensations you get from the wheel. The dual model is also very cool, keeping the sensations limited to the space between the two wheels. It’s best to proceed with caution — it’s already physically sharp, and the very small surface area of each pin produces an intense current flow into a small area of the skin. I hope this helps! =Eric

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