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The ErosTek Advantage!

Our advanced technology is the key to our products. We introduced the world’s first digital erotic e-stim product in early 1999. This section describes some of the technology that sets us apart. So if you’re curious about the science behind the magic, keep reading . . .

Dynamic Pulse Technology

We invented something called Dynamic Pulse Technology (DPT). It’s a unique method of generating erotic electrostimulation waveforms in the digital domain while all relevant parameters are dynamically adjusted in real-time. By comparison, most other units require you to manually set things like the pulse frequency, pulse width, intensity and on/off rate. Once set, these units put out the same monotonous waveform over and over.  With DPT, ErosTek creates a wide variety of sensations the others can’t come close to.

Imagine sitting down at a piano. With most products, you can pick what note you want, and how fast it’s played, but that’s all you get–one note played endlessly. DPT allows entire “songs” (stimulation routines) to be “played.” Our digital processor can change the notes on the fly, change how fast they’re played and even how “loud.” Our products can even produce the equivalent of a “chord” (several “notes” at once). Sensations can range from a light tickle to a deep down throb–all without touching the controls. With ErosLink, you can even download and/or write your own “songs”!

TriPhase Stimulation

Imagine having three electrodes–lets call them “A,” “B” and “C.” Now try to imagine what it might feel like (with creative electrode placement) if you could create a unique current flowing from A to B, a different current flowing from B to C and finally a third unique current from A to C? Now imagine the three currents artfully coordinated so the sensations flow and intermingle between the three areas of your body? That’s the magic of our TriPhase stimulation. If you try the above with any other e-stim product we’re aware of, you’ll only get, at most, two unique currents.

ErosLink Interface

We’ve invented a multipurpose interface that connects to a computer or can connect two ET-312 units together. This is a fully digital connection and allows new stimulation routines to be loaded into the ET-312. It also provides real-time control and adjustment of the unit over the link. This allows connecting two units together with one acting as a “master” and the other a “slave.” The master unit can coordinate the stimulation across all four channels so the two devices, in some ways, behave as a single 4 channel unit. The real-time control feature can even allow remote control of the ET-312 over the Internet (a future enhancement). Our exclusive Link interface opens up endless possibilities.

Balanced Symmetrical Bipolar Waveforms

Up until we came along, one key difference between medical grade electrostimulation equipment and the erotic units has been the waveforms. Most medical grade equipment, such as high quality TENS and EMS units, use a true symmetrical balanced bipolar waveform (sometimes called “biphasic”). This means the peak positive and negative currents are the same.  We agree with all those medical researchers and, even though it requires more costly circuitry, our units nearly stand alone among erotic models in using the same bipolar waveform technology.

Why is bipolar better? For one thing, it assures uniform sensations between two similar electrodes. With a nonsymmetrical waveform, you’ll often feel the current more in one electrode than the other–it feels “lopsided.” Many people think bipolar just plain feels better. There’s also evidence that symmetrical bipolar waveforms are safer as they may help prevent electrochemical reactions. Finally, bipolar allows higher intensity levels from a given peak current value reducing the amount of peak current needed.

Isolated & Independent Outputs

Nearly all e-stim units (erotic or otherwise) use a common waveform generator shared between multiple channels. At best, they can alternate the same output across multiple channels. Some are really just a single channel device with two or more output jacks (and perhaps multiple level controls).

Our multi-channel devices use completely independent circuitry and can do entirely different things on each channel. This greatly adds to the variety that can be produced. To use the piano analogy again, it’s a lot like having a pianist use two hands on the keyboard instead of only one. The left and right hand can do different things, but in a coordinated way. That’s similar to what our more advanced stimulation routines do.

We also fully isolate the outputs from each other and the rest of the circuitry. Why is this important? Many units share a common connection between their two outputs. This means you can easily end up with current flowing through unintended parts of the body.  In some cases, this isn’t only undesirable, it can be dangerous.

Our isolated outputs also provide an additional measure of safety, protecting you against a failure in the device itself or any connected equipment. If your stereo or computer is plugged into one of our products, even if it should fail, have a grounding problem, etc., the outputs are safely isolated so your body isn’t part of the circuit.  Likewise, there’s an additional layer of isolation between you and the power source.

Quality Design & Engineering

Our products, unlike most consumer electronics these days, are manufactured in the USA. Components are conservatively specified to assure maximum life and a minimum of failures. Critical circuitry is designed with fail-safe measures to enhance safety. Each unit is extensively tested before it’s shipped out and we back it all up with a solid warranty and customer service.

ErosTek Experience

When it comes to high end e-stim, ErosTek has more experience than anyone. We pioneered digital e-stim, audio based stimulation, remote control, Dynamic Pulse Technology, MultiAdjust, TriPhase and other revolutionary features and technology. We have listened carefully to our customers and learned a lot as our products have evolved.

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