What Our Customers Think

We’ve made some pretty strong claims for our products. If you’re skeptical, we encourage you to ask around and find someone who owns an ErosTek product. Chances are they’ll have very good things to say. Some sample comments:

Public forum comments:

  • I’m extremely satisfied with this unit, and I’d expect that when people figure out how much fun these are, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with demand.
  • I would say, without hesitation, that Erostek/Sextek offer products that are IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN and their support of those products is equally unparalleled…
  • It’s the best sex toy I own, period (and I have quite a few). In fact, I almost feel bad, because I feel like most of my other sex toys will be sitting in a bin for a looong time now.
  • I stimmed for about an hour, totally immersed in the incredible sensations.
  • What can I say- its fantastic. I have turned lots of friends on to estimming with it. I have tried changing the internal settings but have always gone back to the default settings. It is clearly, a well thought out device.
  • The ET-312 has been a very fine performer, and I recommend it to all. The built-in programs are excellent,
  • I’ve had mine for a few months now, and love it. Everything already said is true and so much more. The ability to create your own routines with ErosLink is a HUGE plus.
  • It’s a great unit, no doubt about it. After a couple of months, I’ve found that my “favorites” keep changing. I guess that says a lot about the variety and their effectiveness.

Simply Amazing!

“I had played with your previous ET-212 and immediately wanted one.  I ended up getting the ET-312 and can only say it’s simply amazing! I’ve played with a lot of other electric toys including some of the newest ones on the market. I can honestly say none of them even come close to the ET-312. Great job ErosTek!” – Gary, Los Angeles

ET-312 Is A Big Hit

“The Waves mode on your new ET-312 is a big hit with everyone who’s experienced it.  It has been responsible for a few ‘hands off’ orgasms and even has someone who used to hate electricity begging for more.” – Jeff, Seattle

Even More Variety

“I love my ET-212 and it was hard to imagine wanting to buy something else. After trying the ET-312 at IML, I couldn’t resist. I’m really glad I bought one as it has even more variety than the ET-212 and the high frequency output is more erotic. I was worried it might be harder to use but if I can figure it out, anyone can.” – David, Chicago

Ultimate BDSM Toy

“In my opinion, your new ET-312 is the ultimate BDSM toy. It has more power than anything else I’ve used and the range of sensations is amazing. It can do anything from induce an orgasm to keep a sub guessing as to what’s coming next. I also use the microphone as an incentive to keep my subs quiet. I want another one!” – Professional Dominatrix, Los Angeles

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