Why Electrostimulation?

Many people enjoy erotic e-stim simply because it makes them horny. Couples have discovered it’s the perfect enhancement to spice up their love life. Individuals find it takes masturbation to a whole new level with some even experiencing “hands free” orgasms. Still others use it for erotic BDSM play where it can create high-intensity sensations without causing the lingering discomfort and harm to the body you often get with other BDSM techniques.

Erotic e-stim is a great addition to many sexual scenarios. Our products can produce a continuously changing variety of erotic sensations. You could put a blindfold on your partner, and they’ll swear you’re working all sorts of magic. In reality, you’ll just be sitting back and watching ErosTek do all the work! There are endless possibilities–especially when you consider our exclusive microphone, audio, remote control and computer capabilities.

What Does it Feel like?

Interestingly, erotic electrostimulation feels very different from what most people imagine. With the right equipment, it can be extremely pleasurable and is sometimes described as feeling like an “internal vibrator.” When you supply the right electrical signals to the body’s nerves, the recipient can feel some amazingly erotic sensations. Mere words don’t really do it justice.

Why ErosTek?

We invented a new generation of digital e-stim products and continue to offer the most innovative products on the market. We invite you to check out the extensive information on this website and see if you don’t agree.

Want to Learn More?

Check out the links below for more information on our products and erotic electrostimulation in general. If you’re new to e-stim, our Getting Started Guide is a good place to start as it provides some history and background. If you’re shopping for e-stim products, check out the Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the products on the market. If you’re looking for independent information, check our Resources section. And before using any e-stim device everyone should read our Safety Information.

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