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BiPolar Acrylic Ball Vise — now available

BiPolar Acrylic Ball Vise


Introducing the BiPolar Acrylic Ball Vise.

We now carry a durable and effective alternative way to stimulate your balls. This device is bipolar and can be connected by itself to an output channel of an ErosTek power unit to produce a range of sensations focusing on the balls. It can also be connected in a split configuration, with each of the electrode areas pairing with another electrode placed on the cock (like the CockCap) or in the butt (like the FlexProbe).  I’ve used it both ways during product testing, and I personally prefer the new sensations provided in the split configuration. I connected one conductor of the vise along with a CockCap and the other conductor with one side of a BiPolar Butt Plug. Rotating the plug  generated some unexpected results from the varying current flows and proximity to the prostate gland. Lots of fun! More information on the online store.

This ball vise is Made in the USA and crafted of high-quality components, designed to last a long time.

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E-Cup with Neoprene Jock

100% surfsuit neoprene jock with our ultra-reliable E-Cup hard cup is an ideal “common” electrode. Pair it with our CockCap for incredible hands-free orgasms. I’ve been using a prototype of this setup for over a year now, and it’s easy to strap on and get your stim going. Easy to clean up too.

EM2191 Intruder BiPolar Anal Electro Plug

3 Extreme BiPolars

The IntruderInvader, and Intimidator round out our line of highly-polished solid aluminum bipolar buttplugs. These three are the largest we currently offer, with diameters ranging from 2.00″ (50mm) to a whopping 2.75″ (70mm). In stock and shipping with our custom low-profile Banana to Pin adapters making them easy to plug in and sit or lie down in comfort. No more worries about bent adapters. They even swivel!


ErosTek Online Store now open!

Just in time for the weekend… the new ErosTek online store is now open!

Our new site has all of the products you’ve come to know at our original e-commerce site – – with a new look, improved organization, search capability and real-time shipping rates for UPS and US Postal. I’m excited to offer this new way of browsing our products and will be adding new products and information to this site in the coming weeks. Have a look and let me know your thoughts.

Repair Policy Update

Repair Policy Update

ErosTek Power Units are “Made for Play”™ and provide pleasing stimulation for many years when properly maintained. Some units are now more than 10 years old and still working perfectly.

In order to focus on meeting customer demand for our existing products – and to direct resources toward designing new models – we are no longer offering repair service for out of warranty ErosTek and SexTek products. A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included with every ErosTek unit. That assurance remains, allowing you a warranty period and many years of trouble-free service if normal maintenance and care are provided.

Problem Resolution

It is always important to determine the conditions that cause the problem in order to find a quick resolution. In some cases, the problem is easy to solve: the use of the wrong AC adapter, a defective lead wire or adapter, or wrong placement of electrodes. It’s important to be aware of certain conditions that are not covered under warranty. These include but are not limited to:

  • Exposing unit to moisture, extreme temperatures, lube, etc.
  • Use of lead wires without a right-angle plug (ET302R)
  • Failure to maintain and charge the internal battery (ET312B)
  • Failure to turn unit off at low-battery warning (ET312B)
  • Field service or repairs performed by someone other than us.
  • Use of the wrong AC adapter (ET312B, ET232)
  • Dropping the unit

We sell replacement batteries for the ET312B with step-by-step instructions and our new Spare Parts Department lists some of the most commonly requested and hard to find parts for ErosTek Power Units including output potentiometers (pots) and other items.

If you have any questions or are having a problem, we’d love to help. Send us an email or call 1-888-EROSTEK.

Thank you for your continued support.

– Eric Forbes
CEO – ECForbes Inc.
We Bring You Pleasure!™

Training Modes + ErosTek ET302R

[This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a customer. =E]

The ErosTek ET302R is a unique unit. It allows you to control someone else from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away using a small 4-button remote transmitter. From the transmitter, you can change the mode, output intensities and place the unit in standby (On/Off) or power the unit down completely. You get lots of control.

There is a difference in 3 of the 10 modes. Modes 7 through 9 are called “Training Modes” as they are designed to output a different pulse train when buttons 1, 2, or 3 are pressed. Imagine signaling your sub to get you a drink, sit, or do anything else you train him or her to do.

To feel anything in these modes, you need to adjust the output levels for channels A and B using one of the other (non-training) modes first. Once you select a training mode, the buttons take on their new “training mode” features and adjustment of outputs A and B is no longer available.

If your ET302R appears to be working in the other modes, but not in modes 7 through 9, make sure you’ve adjusted the output levels before going into one of the training modes. Once you’ve entered one of these modes, the level adjustments are not longer available. Instead, you get to select which stim pulse train will start by pressing button 1, 2 or 3. You can find this information and more in the ET302R User Guide.

ErosLink + Windows 7? You Bet!

I just installed Windows 7 Professional in order to test ErosLink for the ET312 and discovered a few good things.

First, Windows 7 seems faster than Windows XP or Vista which is a cool “feature” of any new operating system.

Secondly, ErosLink works just fine under Windows 7. I used one of our USB to Serial adapters (with an FTDI chipset) and as soon as I connected it to my computer, Windows 7 discovered it and initially couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I opened the troubleshooter balloon that popped up and told the system to allow Windows to find the best driver for my device. It went out and did some searching and in a minute or so, installed the driver and presented me with a new COM port (COM3 in my case).

Installing ErosLink went smoothly also. I inserted the CD and Windows asked me what I wanted to do with it. I clicked on the default (Install) and the installer launched and in less than a minute, I had an ErosLink program installed on my computer, ready to launch.

I connected the USB to Serial adapter port to the included serial cable that comes with ErosLink and plugged the stereo plug into the Link jack of my ET312, then powered it OFF and back ON again. A fresh restart is important when connecting your 312 to ErosLink. Then I clicked the Start menu (lower left of window) and found ErosLink waiting as a recent application to click on. It discovered my ET312, synchronized to it and connected, giving me the status bar of options. From there, I downloaded a few user routines to the box and tried the interactive mode without any loss of connection or other issues.

So there we have it: ErosLink works under Windows 7 too! And if you’re having problems getting Windows to find the right driver, the manufacturer site has updates for our USB to Serial adapter.

ErosLink Software for the ET312B

Software for your Hardware!

If you already own an ErosTek ET312 Power Unit, this is one option you will not want to pass up! Using any Windows or Apple Mac OS X computer, ErosLink allows you to do several amazing things, including:

  1. Load new routines (25 included on CD!)
  2. Change existing routines
  3. Create completely new routines
  4. Interact with a running routine in real-time

There are two versions available: Windows and Mac OS X

ErosLink for Windows comes with a custom molded serial cable for direct connection to an available serial port, an installation CD, electronic user guide (integrated into the program and viewed using any web browser), and several new factory routines to experiment with and download into your ET-312! The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Now runs on Vista! Find the latest USB drivers here.

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