Repair Policy Update

Repair Policy Update

ErosTek Power Units are “Made for Play”™ and provide pleasing stimulation for many years when properly maintained. Some units are now more than 10 years old and still working perfectly.

In order to focus on meeting customer demand for our existing products – and to direct resources toward designing new models – we are no longer offering repair service for out of warranty ErosTek and SexTek products. A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included with every ErosTek unit. That assurance remains, allowing you a warranty period and many years of trouble-free service if normal maintenance and care are provided.

Problem Resolution

It is always important to determine the conditions that cause the problem in order to find a quick resolution. In some cases, the problem is easy to solve: the use of the wrong AC adapter, a defective lead wire or adapter, or wrong placement of electrodes. It’s important to be aware of certain conditions that are not covered under warranty. These include but are not limited to:

  • Exposing unit to moisture, extreme temperatures, lube, etc.
  • Use of lead wires without a right-angle plug (ET302R)
  • Failure to maintain and charge the internal battery (ET312B)
  • Failure to turn unit off at low-battery warning (ET312B)
  • Field service or repairs performed by someone other than us.
  • Use of the wrong AC adapter (ET312B, ET232)
  • Dropping the unit

We sell replacement batteries for the ET312B with step-by-step instructions and our new Spare Parts Department lists some of the most commonly requested and hard to find parts for ErosTek Power Units including output potentiometers (pots) and other items.

If you have any questions or are having a problem, we’d love to help. Send us an email or call 1-888-EROSTEK.

Thank you for your continued support.

– Eric Forbes
CEO – ECForbes Inc.
We Bring You Pleasure!™

2 responses to Repair Policy Update

  1. John

    I have been a very happy et-312 user for years. I am starting to develop problems with the output level pots. Are these available or can you tell me where to purchase a new pair. I am an engineering electrical tech so will have no problems making the replacement my self.

    Second question… When, if ever do you plan to make an upgrade? The limited memory in the present units is an issue for me. I would like to be able to store many more routines. Also now days it would be easy to have 100 or more built in routines…??? Memory is CHEEP! For a unit you charge nearly $500.00 for memory should not be an issue.

    • erostek

      I created a list of sources for the most common Repair Parts for the ET312B so you can get some new pots and have any electronics repair person do the repair when needed.

      The memory is limited to the micro controller used by the ET312B and at the time, there was no hardware provision for expanding it. I recommend experimenting with using audio sounds to control the ET312B via Audio 3 mode since this opens up a wide range of stim options controlled by the sounds connected via the Audio jack. Full stereo modulation with great effects. I personally use the built in routines about 50% of the time and audio the other 50% to keep things fresh. I hope this helps! -Eric

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