E-Cup with Neoprene Jock

100% surfsuit neoprene jock with our ultra-reliable E-Cup hard cup is an ideal “common” electrode. Pair it with our CockCap for incredible hands-free orgasms. I’ve been using a prototype of this setup for over a year now, and it’s easy to strap on and get your stim going. Easy to clean up too.

5 responses to E-Cup with Neoprene Jock

  1. Doug

    Used the E Cup before but not with this new jock and am anxious to try it. Looks easy to get into! Great Update

    • erostek

      The neoprene jock is really amazing. I’ve been using mine for a few months now and figured it was good enough to put into production. Way easier than the old latex tubing strap and if you like gear, you’ll love this. Enjoy… –Eric

      • Bob

        How about offering the Neoprene Jockstrap in Big Sizes for us big waisted guys in sizes : 44″ – 50″ waists. If you add the sizes to your inventory please let me know I will gladly order one in my size in a heartbeat.
        THANK YOU !!

        • eric@erostek.com Post Author

          Thanks for the suggestion, Bob. I’ll look into this. —E

  2. Doug


    I purchased the one with the tubing last year and also purchased the jock that went with it but never used it and returned it, this one being just like a regular cup and jock looks like it will be a lot easier to put on and use and know I will be glad I bought it. I bet you’ll find guys like this one more than the other model.


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