Training Modes + ErosTek ET302R

[This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a customer. =E]

The ErosTek ET302R is a unique unit. It allows you to control someone else from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away using a small 4-button remote transmitter. From the transmitter, you can change the mode, output intensities and place the unit in standby (On/Off) or power the unit down completely. You get lots of control.

There is a difference in 3 of the 10 modes. Modes 7 through 9 are called “Training Modes” as they are designed to output a different pulse train when buttons 1, 2, or 3 are pressed. Imagine signaling your sub to get you a drink, sit, or do anything else you train him or her to do.

To feel anything in these modes, you need to adjust the output levels for channels A and B using one of the other (non-training) modes first. Once you select a training mode, the buttons take on their new “training mode” features and adjustment of outputs A and B is no longer available.

If your ET302R appears to be working in the other modes, but not in modes 7 through 9, make sure you’ve adjusted the output levels before going into one of the training modes. Once you’ve entered one of these modes, the level adjustments are not longer available. Instead, you get to select which stim pulse train will start by pressing button 1, 2 or 3. You can find this information and more in the ET302R User Guide.

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  1. bill

    one thing i would like to know- does this type of stimulation increase hardness or penis size of an erection etc.? I haven’t seen this question addressed yet. thank you. bill

    • erostek

      Hello Bill. Lots of users report an increase in penis size (erection) and orgasm through the use of our products, but the sensation would have to be erotic for you personally. There are valid reasons why you might not be able to get an erection, and our units are not medically designed or approved to treat erectile dysfunction or other medical conditions. They provide another avenue for your erotic adventures, though. I hope this helps. =Eric

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