ErosLink is not working on latest version of Mac OS X Lion

Being a hardcore Apple user myself, I’m sad to report that ErosLink ET312B for Mac OS X does not work on the latest version of Mac OS X due to the way the application is seen by the new OS. Although it was updated to work on both PowerPC and Intel platforms years ago, this latest OS breaks the app in a novel way and I won’t be able to offer a Mac OS X version until I work out the details.

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    • erostek

      We’ve discontinued ErosLink OS X due to low customer demand and lack of installer that compatible with Lion+. If I manage to get it to work, I will upgrade the package and offer it for sale again on our web store.

  1. Anna Christina

    Can previous customers of ErosLink for Mac get access to the Windows version?

  2. Maarten

    From one diehard Mac user to another:
    I guess it’s a long process, since it’s been more than a year that you wrote the original blog posting.
    Can you give an update on the process? Is there being worked on or is it completely abandoned? I’ve recently ordered an ET312B and possibly wanted to order an Eroslink for the extra benefits, but saw it discontinued as is… I hope this product will be updated and for sale again, albeit for just some of the ET312B users! Will it be with a USB cable, since most computers don’t have a commport anymore (let alone Macs).

    In the meantime, for the Mac users wanting this Eroslink to expand their power box: is there a way to use Eroslink for Windows on a Mac? For instance via any virtual machine like Parallels Desktop or Vmware Fusion? I’m using the latest OS X Mountain Lion.

    • erostek

      Hello Maarten: I’ve been waiting to see how OS X changed the way a java installer works and may be able to get the ErosLink OS X working for the most recent versions of OS X – but due to the small number of customers demanding it, I’ve been working on other things lately. In other words, it’s a low priority project!
      Good News – You can run ErosLink for Windows on your Mac under VMware Fusion and Parallels (most likely – it used to work OK but I’ve moved to VMware and never looked back) using the FTDI USB to Serial adapter. Good question. I hope this helps. –Eric

  3. Red Claw

    For those of us that have already purchased the ErosLink Software for Mac OS X, is there a way to get a free or discounted copy for Windows to run under Parallels? I still have my original order number.

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