Published: September 2, 2021
Updated: February 8, 2024


The ErosTek ET312B was developed in 1999 and was in continuous production for over 20 years. 

Production relied on components which became harder to source or went obsolete. The technical aspects of manufacturing reached a breaking point during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continued to sell new units using our existing component inventory but soon realized that the final chapter of the ET312B was ready to be written.

If you own an ErosTek ET312B, you may consider yourself lucky. These units are considered to be the very best in erotic e-stim power units and many continue to operate even after 10 – 15 years with regular maintenance and repair. We sell Repair Parts for the ET312B so that you can keep your unit running for years and years.


New! MK-312BT Now Available

The MK-312BT started as a community, open source project and offers several improvements over the original ET312B:

  • 2x capacity rechargeable battery (for even longer sessions)
  • Quartz crystal oscillator (added stability)
  • Upgraded pots (for MA and outputs A + B)
  • UART chip (improved serial communications)
  • Easy to read, high contrast backlit LCD
  • Deluxe Leadwires (included)