2020.0516 Pulse Train (Mono)

Here’s a mono track I made while wired up to an ET312B in Audio 3 using a Moog DFAM analog synth. I didn’t listen to this one with headphones while turning the knobs — I just focused on the STIM. Isn’t that the point?

Enjoy! -Eric

ET312B: Select Audio 2 or Audio 3 mode and set MA control to 12 o’clock with output of player set to maximum. You can create a Split with Audio 3 on one channel and a built-in routine on the other, for unique effects.

See ET312B: Set Split Mode to learn how.

ET232: Select Audio Loud mode and set MA control to max with output of player set to maximum.

4 responses to 2020.0516 Pulse Train (Mono)

  1. Gill Rall

    Thank you Eric for the modes you are sending out, if ever there was a companion is my E 312, bought in the UK from Fetish Pleasures in 2008, and now old and 80 alone have had many many pleasant sessions. I have in that time replaced the chargeable batteries three times and once when I spent time in the USA once to you, In South Africa I think I am the only one that has promoted your product. It couples with me being the only master latex craftsman here, am able to introduce Electro Play, I have made unique stim toys for myself and others, some unique to give me the ultimate pleasure. On Instagram I am spirit creates and not into BDSM as such but more fashion and performance gear for the discerning. So thank you again for your awesome machine. Regards Gill.

    • eric@erostek.com Post Author

      Hello Gill. Thanks for spreading the word about the pleasures of e-stim and latex. They go great together! Enjoy the tracks in good health. -Eric

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