2020.0509 Taurus in 2 Parts (Mono)

This is a longer, 2-part monophonic e-stim session I composed using a Moog Mother-32 and DFAM while wired up to an ET312B in Audio 2. Feels awesome with an ET232 in Audio Loud too. Enjoy!

ET232: Select Audio Loud mode and set MA control to max with output of player set to maximum.

ET312B: Select Audio 2 mode and set MA control to 12 o’clock with output of player set to maximum. You can create a Split with Audio 2  on one channel and a built-in routine on the other, for unique effects.

See ET312B: Set Split Mode to learn how.

5 responses to 2020.0509 Taurus in 2 Parts (Mono)

  1. Graham


    thanks again for great fresh stim files. They are welcome fresh sensations. Endless fun.

    Since I use two 312b s then I dedicate one to the audio files. I thus convert the mono files to stereo using AVS audio editor, this makes two identical files. I cannot place different patters in each channel. That could be great fun to have two competing audio stimms at the same time? Would you be able to mix two together in stereo?

    Best wishes and when we are told to stay home what better way is there to spend the lonely time!



    • eric@erostek.com Post Author

      Hello Graham. Glad you like the tracks. I’ve been making a mix of mono and stereo tracks to give you more options. An ET312B provides full stereo audio processing with the left and right channels converted into separate stim channels for outputs A and B. If you’re using an ET232, audio is processed in mono, so I’ve got some files that work great for that. You can always edit audio with a program like Audacity (free) for your PC or Mac. That’s what I use when I want to extract mono files from a stereo session. Hope this helps. Stim ON! -Eric

  2. Graham

    Hi Eric, try this for even more sensations, with Stereo on Audio 3, channel 1 being Taurus 2 and channel 2 being Pulse using the AVS Audio editor. File sent by email.


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