New TriPhase Adapter

ST2110 TriPhase Adapter

Introducing a new + improved version of our popular TriPhase Adapter.

This durable, injected-molded adapter allows you transform a pair of standard or extra-long lead wires into a TriPhase cable whenever you want.

Simply plug the unmarked wire from each lead wire into one of the TriPhase jacks to get 3 wires instead of the usual 4. The common wire works best when connected to a large surface area electrode, like an E-Cup, mono-polar butt plug (FlexProbe) or one surface of a bipolar plug (MJ or Moaner, for example).

The TriPhase Adapter was designed to be used with the ErosTek ET312B in one of its Phase modes, but you can use it with any of our power units to add some Spice to your Stim!


New TriPhase Adapter connected to lead wires (not included)

New TriPhase Adapter connected to lead wires (not included)


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