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Many of our readers have asked about the safety of our power units. I posed this question to our electrical engineer — here’s what he had to say:

ErosTek products have been designed to be within approved levels of electro-stimulation.

Many medical devices have a maximum output exceeding ErosTek power units. The energy in the waveform is a function of the current delivered into the body over a period of time. ErosTek products employ very low duty-cycle waveforms with very little “ON” time. Consequently, the total energy delivered to the body is kept below levels of medical devices designed for safe use on the human body.

At the intensity levels typically used, the current, voltage, and total energy are very similar to a TENS unit. TENS units are often used for extended periods of time without medical supervision to reduce back pain and other chronic forms of pain.

The maximum average output, per channel, of ErosTek devices is well under 1 Watt.

The same amount of power sourced from a continuous-wave AC source equates to about 5 mA of current — 0.005 Amp — at 120 Volts AC. This amount of energy is too small to cause burns when used with commercial erotic electro-stimulation electrodes and very unlikely to cause any sort of lasting harm.

ErosTek power units also, unlike most competing erotic power units, use a fully bipolar symmetrical waveform similar to high-end medical devices. This more costly design significantly reduces the risk of potentially harmful electromigration.

In summary, ErosTek power units are similar to many medical devices in terms of output power and stimulation waveforms. They also have one of the longest track records for safety of any erotic electro-stimulation devices on the market.

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