ET302R and ET312B Comparison and Specifications


ET-302R  Remote/Audio

ET-312 Advanced Dual Channel


2 Independent/Isolated

2  (Independent/Isolated) + Phantom 3rd Channel (TriPhase Output)


2-Character Lighted LED

32-Character Lighted LCD + LEDs

Operating Modes

10 – 5 normal, 2 audio, 3 training

18 – 12 normal, 3 audio, 3 tri-phase

Audio  Processing

TENS style modulation

Multiple Advanced TENS style modulation

Remote Control

Digital RF 4 Button (100′ max range)



ON switch & 10 function remote

2 output level controls, Multi Adjust control, 4 Tactile Input Keys

Dynamic Pulse  Technology Parameters

Dynamically adjusted amplitude, modulation, pulse width, rate, frequency, duration & power

Dynamically and manually adjusted amplitude, modulation, pulse width, rate,  frequency, duration, ramp, power, audio sensitivity & more

Output Waveform

Symmetrical AC True Bipolar

Symmetrical AC True Bipolar

Nominal Output Power

60 micro coulombs per pulse

80 micro coulombs per pulse

Output Jack(s)

1 or 2 3.5mm (1/8″)

Two 3.5mm (1/8″) Heavy Duty

Pulse  Width

0 – 500 µsec dynamically adjusted

0 – 500 µsec dynamically adjusted


Built-in high sensitivity

Supplied external electret

Audio  Input

Built in microphone

3.5mm stereo line, 10k ohms, 3 volts RMS max & 3.5mm mono microphone

ErosLink Interface


3.5mm Link Jack – PC Compatible

Disposable Battery

Standard 9 Volt Alkaline


Rechargeable Battery


12v High Capacity 1000 charge cycles

AC Power


UL Listed 12 volt Adapter/Charger 400+ma

Battery Life

2 – 24 hours

4 – 48 hours

Dimensions (approx.)

2.4″ wide, 3.8″ long, 1″ high

8″ wide, 6.75″ deep, 2.5″ high

Weight (w/ battery)

4.2  oz

2 lbs 14 oz

Shipping Weight

approximately 1 pound

approximately 5 lbs

Supplied Accessories

Remote control, (2) right-angle banana plug leadwires, 9-volt battery,  user guide

AC adapter/charger, microphone, two banana plug output cables, audio cable, 22 page user guide


Extra remote control
Uniquely coded remote

ErosLink Software Package, Link Cable, 220 volt AC Adapter

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