CockCap XL now available

New CockCap XL and Combo Pack now available!

Our unique and exclusive CockCap electrode has sold well since it was introduced over 5 years ago. But I’ve received many requests for a larger version of our 100% stainless-steel electrode, for guys who have a larger or less-tapered cock head.

Introducing the CockCap XL — larger than the original and made with the same durable stainless-steel to last a lifetime. Held in place with an ordinary condom. Easy to use and clean up afterwards. Highly-conductive. Very erotic. And easy to wear inside a jockstrap or other gear (or left standing proud at attention!) This new size comes by itself or along with the original CockCap for the greatest variation possible. I’ve been alternating between the two sizes since I prototyped the XL and the difference in surface area gives each a unique sensation.

Order yours today! CockCap XL

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