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My First-Hand E-Stim Experience

[This is an archival post from our old site. I just couldn’t leave it behind! -Eric]

Hey Guys!

First off, I’m your average 25 year old college student.  Just a normal guy, who like most guys, really enjoys jerking one off once in awhile. Well, maybe more than once in awhile. Anyway, I recently discovered estim and I would like to share with you my story of my first experience with estim.

I have always been interested in the ability to be able to cum without the use of my hands since I was a young teenager.  To do this takes great concentration, a lot of time, and a lot of practice.  Although I was finally able to achieve a hands-free orgasm, I was very limited to how much I could do it because to the time required for it and the actual orgasm wasn’t the greatest anyway.  I was always left wondering if there was another way.  Almost completely by chance I came across an amateur video posted to an online group during one of my late-night internet exploring sessions.  The video showed this dude with band electrodes around his cock and cumming without the use of any other stimulation.  I was immediately turned on seeing this guy’s cock pulse with pleasure just before he shot his load.

I quickly started scouring the internet for anything related to this “electro-stimulation.”

After a long time of collecting any estim related pics and vids that I could find, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and had to experience this pleasure for myself.  From reading post upon post of veteran and newbie estimmers alike, I found that the ET312 was the power box to go with for the ultimate sensation.  This is when I also came across the SexTek website.  This is where I found the many different kinds of electrodes and accessories that I had seen in all my estim videos I had collected.  I began picturing myself wearing the very same electrodes I had seen many guys shooting their loads with. I finally had an opportunity to experience the power of estim.

I think my cock was hard with anticipation of receiving the estim equipment from the time it was ordered right up until when it was delivered.  While I was waiting for it to arrive, I held back.  I didn’t jerk-off even once. I wanted to save it all for my first estim experience.  I knew that it was rare to be able to cum hands-free on my very first estim session, but I wanted to be the horniest I could possibly be just in case.  Besides, even if I didn’t cum the first time, it was cool with me.  I was patient.  I knew that part of the fun and pleasure of estim is the experimenting and learning my own personal settings and set-ups.

Well, after greeting the UPS guy with a hard-on, I opened my little brown box like a kid at Christmas.  I laid out all my new “toys” on my bed and examined each one.  I couldn’t wait any longer to try them out.  I already had a raging hard-on that was begging for attention. I decided that it was only fitting for my first experience to use the blue EBands, the same ones I had seen in my first video and got me interested in estim.  I grabbed my digital camera to snap some pics to remember my first time and stripped down.  My ET312 was fully charged, my electrodes were ready, and my cock was rock hard. I was ready to go.

I lubed up my cock, slid on my EBands, and snugged them up to my hard cock.

I hooked up the cables and switched on the ET312.  I chose the “Waves” setting and slowly turned up the power. I started feeling small waves of a buzzing-like sensation deep inside my cock.  It felt incredible. 

2 ElectroBands fixed around a hard cock

It was like someone was stroking me from both the outside and inside of my cock.  I played with the power and MA knob until I found the perfect setting then just sat back and let the machine work my rod. I also managed to swap out one of the EBands for the Dual E-Band to experience both channels of power.

It was like two sets of hands working my cock in perfect sequence. 

The best part of estim I found is being able to lay back and relax as your cock is worked over tirelessly for as long as you want.  I was already starting to precum from the intense pleasure.

ElectroBand and Dual E-Band in operation

After “riding the waves” for a good long time, I decided to give some of my other electrodes a try before I busted my nut.  I wanted to try the ElectroCup.  Having played football in high school and wearing a nut cup, the ElectroCup appealed to me.  Complete with the stretchable bands and snug against the balls feel, it reminded me of being in the locker room wearing my jock.  Thankfully in this version, there was a hole in the cup to allow my throbbing cock to poke through.  After adjusting the Cup and sliding an EBand around my shaft to complete the circuit, I was ready to hook up again.

This was a slightly different feel from the bands alone.  This time, there was feeling in my balls which was really great.  It also allowed for a longer, deeper stroke from the ET312. For me, half of the pleasure was from the fantasy of wearing a jock and having your cock stroked without using your hands at the same time.

WOW. Really hot!

ElectroCup and E-Band on a hard cock

From the sensations I was feeling I knew I would be able to cum.  I wanted my first estim cum to be with the EBands so I gave my hard cock another good coat of lube and strapped on the bands again.  This time I set the ET312 on “Phase 1” because it put out a really awesome steady buzz that my cock really liked when I get close.

With everything set, I just closed my eyes and relaxed as the ET312 inched me closer and closer to orgasm.  I would feel myself get right on the edge of cumming and then turn down the power to tease my throbbing cock, then slowly increasing the power again.  After a few times of edging, a steady stream of precum flowed from the tip of my rod.  I loved watching my cock tremble with pleasure as the intense sensations flowed through it.  I eventually reached a point where I wanted to cum so badly I was groaning.

I could actually feel my prostate tensing up ready to jet hot cum through my cock.

I slowly increased the power.  The familiar warm sensation of just on the edge of orgasm started in my hips and flowed deep beneath my balls.  My cock surged rock hard and suddenly shot a white hot stream of cum.  The electro-stimulation steadily kept pushed my orgasm contractions long and deep as endless flows of cum poured from my cock.  I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.  The orgasm seemed to go on and on.  Definitely the longest one I’ve ever had.  As my cock gave one last pulse to expel every last drop of cum from my once full balls, I eased back the power on the ET312.  Amazingly, the steady buzz still felt incredibly good on my cock even after my orgasm.

Well, now I’m addicted!  Only two hours after my first estim session, I was already getting hard again just thinking about it.  The greatest thing is that I have only experienced a small part of estim so far. I have hundreds of combinations and settings to experiment with! Hope you guys enjoyed my story.

Happy E-Stimming!

Erotic ElectroStimulation: Voltage


The following is another chapter of a book I’m writing. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks! —Eric

Voltage — electromotive force — is the potential for electron flow. The higher the voltage, the higher the potential force. But what does this really mean and how does it apply to e-stim?

Since electrons are microscopically small, we can’t see them but we can use an analogous substance — water — to illustrate many of electricity’s hidden characteristics. This isn’t a 1-for-1 correspondence, and we are talking about what can see and felt with the naked eye and body, not measured with an electron microscope or other high-tech tools.

Water as a metaphor for electrons

Imagine a water tank filled with water located at the top of a hill. Now imagine a pipe connected to the bottom of the tank of water, leading to the bottom of the hill. At the bottom of the pipe is a valve, which is now shut. The water pipe leading downhill is filled with water. There is a tank full of water connected to it at the top of the hill. What will happen when the valve is opened at the bottom of the hill? Water will flow. It flows under the influence of gravity — the water high on the hill has a greater potential energy than the open valve located many feet below. Water flows downhill, right? Of course.

A potential for movement

We can relate the potential for water to flow downhill, through the pipe, to voltage. In both, there is a potential for movement, a potential force that exists. For water, it lies in the water that is stored in the tank high on the hill. The storage of water and the height difference contribute to the potential for flow. The same characteristics apply to electrons too.

When more electrons are gathered in one location compared to another, and a wire or other conductive material is placed between them, electrons will flow from the place of higher concentration to the place of lower concentration until a balance is achieved. This difference — the potential difference — between these two quantities is what we call voltage. You can think of it like pressure. But be careful, pressure is sometimes confused with flow when in fact it’s a measure of the force itself — like voltage — not the amount of flow that is actually occurring.

Like the water filled tank high on the hill. If it was there by itself, with no pipe connected to it, it would still have the potential to move to a lower energy state, someplace down the hill. There would be pressure felt along the sides of the tank, caused by the weight of the water. And yet, with no opening, the tank of water isn’t doing much. It’s just sitting there. That hidden potential for movement is pressure. And it’s a lot like voltage.

How voltage applies to e-stim

Frankly, we don’t really talk about voltage that much when stimming. It’s not an important quantity to measure, but it does define the kinds of play we engage in. Different devices output different voltages, and some produce very high voltages that create sparks that jump across an air gap. The violet wand is one example of a device that is still in production and used by many BDSM practitioners for the tiny shocks it can produce on the skin and other areas. There are perhaps 3 voltage ranges out there in the e-stim marketplace.

Extra-low voltage devices

Extra-Low Voltage is defined as any voltage less than 50 Volts AC — or VAC — and most made-for-play erotic e-stim power units fall into this category. The ET312 can in some cases exceed this by a few volts under normal load but it’s safe to keep it in this category. Power units in this category limit the injury they can cause by their lower voltage limitation. And yet, even with the voltage limitation, they can produce a wide range of sensations, from a light tingling to painfully unbearable. This is due in part to the shape of the waveforms used to stimulate the nerve endings they are attached to. Suffice it to say — you don’t need a lot of voltage to get your stim on.

Low voltage devices

Low Voltage lies in the range of 50 – 1000 VAC and includes power sources that were not designed for erotic e-stim, including hand-crank magneto generators. These units were intended for field communications (read: military) to generate a rough and ragged AC signal that can easily ring a telephone bell located several miles away. Some say that they are an “acquired taste”— that would be putting it lightly. Such units are potentially injurious to the body unless modified with resistors to limit the output current and voltage. And they’re really painful. The frequency of the output pulses is low and painful, and causes more muscle stimulation that pleasant nerve stimulation in my experience. Not advised.

High voltage devices

High Voltage is classified as more than 1000 VAC and includes the violet wand. These units produce 35,000 – 65,000 V which is enough to cause sparks to jump from the gas-filled glass tubes to nearby skin. These devices seem to break the rule of a complete circuit — see Electro 101 — Why 2 Wires? — but there is still a circuit being completed, although it’s harder to see.

High voltages are able to leap across the air and equalize themselves into objects having lower potential energy without wires. The buzzing, arcing and crackling sounds made by these devices can be a lot of fun. When done correctly, they can feel very tingly and erotic with a low potential for injury.

The high voltages used are accompanied by very low currents, so that when combined, there is very little power being transferred from the wand to the body.

Which brings us to the concept of current.

To be continued…

New ErosTek Online Store Now Open!

New to STIM? Read our Getting Started Guide.

Today marks a new beginning! We’ve just completed moving the ErosTek Online Store to a new e-commerce platform which enables:

  • Faster browsing
  • More payment choices
  • Additional shipping options
  • Reliable order processing
  • Gift cards
  • Bitcoin (BTC), PayPal, all major credit cards
  • UPS and US Postal Service options to most countries worldwide


The ErosTek Blog will continue to serve as an uncensored adult theme park while the new shopping cart takes on a slightly more restrained product focus. This is mainly done in order to comply with the host’s Terms of Service and yet also makes shopping more straightforward. Worry not. The Blog will continue to grow to become a repository of articles, videos, audioStim tracks and other musings designed to make your e-stim more fulfilling, safer and fun. Enjoy and let me know what you like and what you don’t.



Stimming on Soundcloud

Woke up this morning, made some coffee and felt the urge to STIM

Checked out some new tracks from a few artists I’m following on Soundcloud.

Landed on a new track that begged to be jacked into my ET312B in place of the Phaser routines I’d been stimming to recently. Grabbed a stereo Y-adapter and connected my gaming headphones so that I could listen and STIM at that same time.

The settings I used were the same I use for most AudioStim sessions:

  • Mode = Audio 3
  • MultiAdjust (MA) at 12 o’clock or mid-point.

I wired myself up in the usual way:

  • ECup + CockCap on Channel A
  • Bipolar plug (MJ this time) on Channel B

This track is long enough and has the right amount of modulation to deliver a strong HFO near the end. And it sounds great through the headphones too.

The segue around 41:43 is impressive. I can still feel some lingering effects of that earlier STIM session as I listen to the track again while writing this post 😉

So find some quiet time, get wired up and FEEL THE BEAT. Enjoy!


To Shave or Not to Shave?

I got 3 emails this week asking about the same thing, which means it’s time to post something for those of you who didn’t ask. The question this week: “Should I shave before I stim?”

Shaving has always seemed optional and I’ve never given it much thought. I shaved my balls and butt in the shower a few weeks ago and noticed a big improvement in the e-stim session I had later that evening. Shaving started innocently enough — I wanted my cock to look a bit bigger by shaving some excess hair from my sac — but wound up making my stim session one of the best ever.

Shave Your Balls!

Do you need to shave your balls before you stim? I depends on how much hair you’ve got on your sack and how you stim.

If you’ve got a dense matt of fur down there and never use a gel pad or E-Cup when stimming, you get a pass. If you’re using the E-Cup which is held nice and tight via it’s neoprene jockstrap, the hairs won’t interfere as much, but they might impede current flow enough to cause you to turn up the levels higher than you’d need with shaved skin.

Higher levels tend to cause numbing and require more frequent rest intervals — which is something I do during longer sessions (1 hour or more) — but when starting out, it’s nice to feel every little sensation.

Shaving your balls when using the E-Cup is optional but I can definitely feel an improvement after I shave.

I can start at a lower level and feel more of the signal through my cock. I almost always pair the E-Cup with a CockCap XL and even though the cup diffuses the current enough to make is “silent” in terms of sensation, the improved conductivity with a shaved ball sac is noticeable and an overall improvement.

Those Sticky Gels

With gel electrodes, shaving is more important since the gel surface needs bare skin to adhere properly and hair simply gets in the way. You’ll notice a big improvement in adhesion and conductivity if you shave, wash and dry your skin before applying gel electrodes on your balls.

My Butt Too?

With the MJ and Moaner butt plugs, we enter the area of shaving the skin adjacent to the anus. Yes, I’m suggesting that you shave your butt if you use the MJ and Moaner type plugs, simply because they use a top-bottom electrode arrangement, placing one of the electrodes on the outside of the anus which is impeded by too much hair. I personally love these two plugs and didn’t realize the difference a little shaving in the shower can make. If you’re using the ElectraStim plugs, shaving your butt isn’t as important as these plugs have a side-to-side electrode arrangement and are mostly conducting inside rather than outside.

How to Shave?

I recommend taking your time in a warm shower, with lots of shaving cream and a fresh disposable razor blade securely clipped into your shaving handle. Warm water tends to relax the scrotum, making it easy to grab a bit and pull it taut while shaving it free of hair. To free the hair you’ve just cut, simply move the shaver along your leg going the opposite way, thereby transferring the cut hairs to your leg where they can be easily collected with a piece of toilet tissue after you’re done. You can flush them down the drain of course, but depending on your plumbing, this might not be a great idea.

Shaving your butt can be challenging to do all by yourself. I do it all the time, but I’ve had some practice. If you have a willing shower buddy, this is a great way to bond over something that requires a moderate amount of trust. Either way: go slowly, enjoy the process and imagine how great your stim session will feel when you’re done.

Safer by Design

Many of our readers have asked about the safety of our power units. I posed this question to our electrical engineer — here’s what he had to say:

ErosTek products have been designed to be within approved levels of electro-stimulation.

Many medical devices have a maximum output exceeding ErosTek power units. The energy in the waveform is a function of the current delivered into the body over a period of time. ErosTek products employ very low duty-cycle waveforms with very little “ON” time. Consequently, the total energy delivered to the body is kept below levels of medical devices designed for safe use on the human body.

At the intensity levels typically used, the current, voltage, and total energy are very similar to a TENS unit. TENS units are often used for extended periods of time without medical supervision to reduce back pain and other chronic forms of pain.

The maximum average output, per channel, of ErosTek devices is well under 1 Watt.

The same amount of power sourced from a continuous-wave AC source equates to about 5 mA of current — 0.005 Amp — at 120 Volts AC. This amount of energy is too small to cause burns when used with commercial erotic electro-stimulation electrodes and very unlikely to cause any sort of lasting harm.

ErosTek power units also, unlike most competing erotic power units, use a fully bipolar symmetrical waveform similar to high-end medical devices. This more costly design significantly reduces the risk of potentially harmful electromigration.

In summary, ErosTek power units are similar to many medical devices in terms of output power and stimulation waveforms. They also have one of the longest track records for safety of any erotic electro-stimulation devices on the market.

New TriPhase Adapter

ST2110 TriPhase Adapter

Introducing a new + improved version of our popular TriPhase Adapter.

This durable, injected-molded adapter allows you transform a pair of standard or extra-long lead wires into a TriPhase cable whenever you want.

Simply plug the unmarked wire from each lead wire into one of the TriPhase jacks to get 3 wires instead of the usual 4. The common wire works best when connected to a large surface area electrode, like an E-Cup, mono-polar butt plug (FlexProbe) or one surface of a bipolar plug (MJ or Moaner, for example).

The TriPhase Adapter was designed to be used with the ErosTek ET312B in one of its Phase modes, but you can use it with any of our power units to add some Spice to your Stim!


New TriPhase Adapter connected to lead wires (not included)

New TriPhase Adapter connected to lead wires (not included)


US Postal Service to Canada

We now have two options for deliveries headed to Canada: US Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS):

  • UPS tends to cost more and will collect a brokerage fee during customs clearance, but delivers packages quickly and reliably without delay.
  • US Postal Service costs a less to ship but takes a bit longer to get there.

You can select either shipping option during checkout and see real-time quotes for your shipping address from the ErosTek Online Shop. Enjoy!