My First-Hand E-Stim Experience

[This is an archival post from our old site. I just couldn’t leave it behind! -Eric]

Hey Guys!

First off, I’m your average 25 year old college student.  Just a normal guy, who like most guys, really enjoys jerking one off once in awhile. Well, maybe more than once in awhile. Anyway, I recently discovered estim and I would like to share with you my story of my first experience with estim.

I have always been interested in the ability to be able to cum without the use of my hands since I was a young teenager.  To do this takes great concentration, a lot of time, and a lot of practice.  Although I was finally able to achieve a hands-free orgasm, I was very limited to how much I could do it because to the time required for it and the actual orgasm wasn’t the greatest anyway.  I was always left wondering if there was another way.  Almost completely by chance I came across an amateur video posted to an online group during one of my late-night internet exploring sessions.  The video showed this dude with band electrodes around his cock and cumming without the use of any other stimulation.  I was immediately turned on seeing this guy’s cock pulse with pleasure just before he shot his load.

I quickly started scouring the internet for anything related to this “electro-stimulation.”

After a long time of collecting any estim related pics and vids that I could find, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and had to experience this pleasure for myself.  From reading post upon post of veteran and newbie estimmers alike, I found that the ET312 was the power box to go with for the ultimate sensation.  This is when I also came across the SexTek website.  This is where I found the many different kinds of electrodes and accessories that I had seen in all my estim videos I had collected.  I began picturing myself wearing the very same electrodes I had seen many guys shooting their loads with. I finally had an opportunity to experience the power of estim.

I think my cock was hard with anticipation of receiving the estim equipment from the time it was ordered right up until when it was delivered.  While I was waiting for it to arrive, I held back.  I didn’t jerk-off even once. I wanted to save it all for my first estim experience.  I knew that it was rare to be able to cum hands-free on my very first estim session, but I wanted to be the horniest I could possibly be just in case.  Besides, even if I didn’t cum the first time, it was cool with me.  I was patient.  I knew that part of the fun and pleasure of estim is the experimenting and learning my own personal settings and set-ups.

Well, after greeting the UPS guy with a hard-on, I opened my little brown box like a kid at Christmas.  I laid out all my new “toys” on my bed and examined each one.  I couldn’t wait any longer to try them out.  I already had a raging hard-on that was begging for attention. I decided that it was only fitting for my first experience to use the blue EBands, the same ones I had seen in my first video and got me interested in estim.  I grabbed my digital camera to snap some pics to remember my first time and stripped down.  My ET312 was fully charged, my electrodes were ready, and my cock was rock hard. I was ready to go.

I lubed up my cock, slid on my EBands, and snugged them up to my hard cock.

I hooked up the cables and switched on the ET312.  I chose the “Waves” setting and slowly turned up the power. I started feeling small waves of a buzzing-like sensation deep inside my cock.  It felt incredible. 

2 ElectroBands fixed around a hard cock

It was like someone was stroking me from both the outside and inside of my cock.  I played with the power and MA knob until I found the perfect setting then just sat back and let the machine work my rod. I also managed to swap out one of the EBands for the Dual E-Band to experience both channels of power.

It was like two sets of hands working my cock in perfect sequence. 

The best part of estim I found is being able to lay back and relax as your cock is worked over tirelessly for as long as you want.  I was already starting to precum from the intense pleasure.

ElectroBand and Dual E-Band in operation

After “riding the waves” for a good long time, I decided to give some of my other electrodes a try before I busted my nut.  I wanted to try the ElectroCup.  Having played football in high school and wearing a nut cup, the ElectroCup appealed to me.  Complete with the stretchable bands and snug against the balls feel, it reminded me of being in the locker room wearing my jock.  Thankfully in this version, there was a hole in the cup to allow my throbbing cock to poke through.  After adjusting the Cup and sliding an EBand around my shaft to complete the circuit, I was ready to hook up again.

This was a slightly different feel from the bands alone.  This time, there was feeling in my balls which was really great.  It also allowed for a longer, deeper stroke from the ET312. For me, half of the pleasure was from the fantasy of wearing a jock and having your cock stroked without using your hands at the same time.

WOW. Really hot!

ElectroCup and E-Band on a hard cock

From the sensations I was feeling I knew I would be able to cum.  I wanted my first estim cum to be with the EBands so I gave my hard cock another good coat of lube and strapped on the bands again.  This time I set the ET312 on “Phase 1” because it put out a really awesome steady buzz that my cock really liked when I get close.

With everything set, I just closed my eyes and relaxed as the ET312 inched me closer and closer to orgasm.  I would feel myself get right on the edge of cumming and then turn down the power to tease my throbbing cock, then slowly increasing the power again.  After a few times of edging, a steady stream of precum flowed from the tip of my rod.  I loved watching my cock tremble with pleasure as the intense sensations flowed through it.  I eventually reached a point where I wanted to cum so badly I was groaning.

I could actually feel my prostate tensing up ready to jet hot cum through my cock.

I slowly increased the power.  The familiar warm sensation of just on the edge of orgasm started in my hips and flowed deep beneath my balls.  My cock surged rock hard and suddenly shot a white hot stream of cum.  The electro-stimulation steadily kept pushed my orgasm contractions long and deep as endless flows of cum poured from my cock.  I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.  The orgasm seemed to go on and on.  Definitely the longest one I’ve ever had.  As my cock gave one last pulse to expel every last drop of cum from my once full balls, I eased back the power on the ET312.  Amazingly, the steady buzz still felt incredibly good on my cock even after my orgasm.

Well, now I’m addicted!  Only two hours after my first estim session, I was already getting hard again just thinking about it.  The greatest thing is that I have only experienced a small part of estim so far. I have hundreds of combinations and settings to experiment with! Hope you guys enjoyed my story.

Happy E-Stimming!

4 responses to My First-Hand E-Stim Experience

  1. Doug

    I found out about estimming by chance searching pornography on Xtube. I saw a video called goalie estim and was enthralled. Years went by and I just could not figure out where to order said machine. I discovered it was called erostek 232 and looked for it till I discovered it was US made. I came into some money and ordered it as I live in South Africa. It was expensive but worth it. It gives me endless pleasure and I orgasm hands-free all the time.

    • Post Author

      Hey Doug:
      Thanks for sharing your experiences with your ET232. It’s become very popular lately. Enjoy your STIM! -Eric

  2. Sereno2

    Yeah; pretty neat! I just wish my capacity / size would enable me to place two of those straps and I’m usually not erect enough to do so at any point. So in my case, it’s usually anal and penile activity. Nice blog you posted here, however . I’ve been up to estimming since 1992 (age 74 now) although I didn’t do much with it until the mid 2000s .

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