Stimming on Soundcloud

Woke up this morning, made some coffee and felt the urge to STIM

Checked out some new tracks from a few artists I’m following on Soundcloud.

Landed on a new track that begged to be jacked into my ET312B in place of the Phaser routines I’d been stimming to recently. Grabbed a stereo Y-adapter and connected my gaming headphones so that I could listen and STIM at that same time.

The settings I used were the same I use for most AudioStim sessions:

  • Mode = Audio 3
  • MultiAdjust (MA) at 12 o’clock or mid-point.

I wired myself up in the usual way:

  • ECup + CockCap on Channel A
  • Bipolar plug (MJ this time) on Channel B

This track is long enough and has the right amount of modulation to deliver a strong HFO near the end. And it sounds great through the headphones too.

The segue around 41:43 is impressive. I can still feel some lingering effects of that earlier STIM session as I listen to the track again while writing this post 😉

So find some quiet time, get wired up and FEEL THE BEAT. Enjoy!


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