ET312B: Powerful menu options

Let’s say you own one of the best erotic e-stim units out there: an ErosTek ET312B. Do you wish it could feel even smoother and have even more power than it does when you take it fresh from the factory box? Using the ET312’s Menu function, you can do both of these and so much more. I’ll show you how to increase the power range from the factory-default (Normal) to the maximum range (High) using the Menu key. Next I’ll show the steps that allow you to increase the maximum frequency to provide the smoothest waveforms possible. Finally, I will show the steps to save both of these changes into flash memory so that they remain even when the ET312 is turned off and back on again. And if you mess up and want to go back to factory-fresh, I have a bonus set of steps for you.

Let’s begin:

More Power, Please

To change the power level:

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Pressing UP 3 times until you see: Set Pwr Level?
  3. Press OK to confirm
  4. Press UP once. You should see: Pwr Lev: High
  5. Press OK to confirm

Make it Smooth

You can increase the output frequency for smoother feeling outputs.

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Pressing DOWN once. You should see: Adjust Advanced?
  3. Press OK
  4. Press UP 4 times until you see: Freq. Adjust?
  5. Press OK
  6. Press UP 2 times until you see: Freq. 250
  7. Press OK

Don’t Forget to Save

To save your custom settings for the next time (even after powering your ET312 off and back on):

  1. Press MENU key
  2. Press UP 5 times until you see: Save Settings?
  3. Press OK
  4. You should see: Saved! Press Any Key…

That’s it! The ET312 Menu has a lot of things you can change. If you get confused or don’t like the output you’re getting, you can always reset your ET312 back to its factory-default settings.

Resetting your ET312B

  1. Turn your ET312B OFF
  2. Hold down the UP and DOWN buttons
  3. Turn the power ON
  4. Release the UP and DOWN buttons
  5. Reset complete!

I hope these steps help you get more from your ET312. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me at You can see these steps and more in the ET312B User Guide.

3 responses to ET312B: Powerful menu options

  1. Sparr

    I would love to see an explanation (or better yet, a waveform chart) of the details of how each advanced setting (freq, depth, pace, tempo) affects each mode. Trial and error with so many different settings is quite time consuming.

    • erostek

      Hello Sparr,
      It’s not really possible to illustrate the effects of the Menu options, however, making changes to one of these parameters and feeling the difference (while wired up) is much more informative. Each of these is described in the User Guide also. I hope this helps. =Eric Forbes

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