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I’ve been a loyal customer for several years now (thanks for  all the fun!). I was wondering if you or anyone you know has experience traveling on airlines with an ET312 unit and “accessories”?

Do you know if you can “carry on” an ET312 unit without loads of  questions or issues? Have you ever done it? Did you have to explain what it was? OR… do you have to put is in checked luggage. Even then, since they look at all checked luggage too, has that ever been an issue. I’d just like to possible travel with my toys but didn’t know if  it’s possible or practical. THANKS for your help and advice.

– Tom


Hello Tom,

Thanks for your email. I’m glad you’re enjoying e-stim and our products. I have traveled with my ET312 and ET232 [and ET302R remote] many times and in each case, I’ve carefully packed each in my checked baggage. I’ve heard of users carrying on their ET312 and explaining that it’s a test instrument used for home theater systems (or something similar). The agent usually asks for you to turn it on just to prove that it does something, but otherwise, passes it through with no problems. It’s a good idea to pack your accessories and electrodes separately if possible or just pack them together in your checked baggage. I’ve attended a variety of fetish events in the USA and other countries over the years with loads of e-stim and other gear and have never had a problem getting them through customs or domestic baggage inspectors.

I hope this helps!


I bag my accessories in opaque nylon bags like the ones found in your local hiking or camping store (I bought mine at REI) and stow them in my checked bag. This keeps the gear from getting separated during flight and seems to keep inspectors from noticing or handling my personal gear. The less shocked or interested they become when inspecting your bag – if they do – the better.

I remove the 9-volt battery in the ET232 and ET302R and make sure the power on my ET312 is turned OFF and packed securely so that it doesn’t get turned back ON during flight or handling. My Samsonite luggage has a zippered vinyl compartment attached to the inner front panel that accomodates my ET312 and keeps it from getting bumped around or having its power button pressed ON.

If you have any ideas regarding traveling with your e-stim gear, post your comments to this post and I’ll respond to them.

Safe Journeys!

=Eric Forbes

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  1. double dare

    cant you just carry it on the plane with you and if they ask just tell them its for neck/back pain, its a tens unit? Now, carrying the accessories depending on which ones is another story, those would need to be packed in another area. If you have 2 carry ons then I dont see a problem unless you are bringing an insertable butt plug with you. Then the questions and looks are embarrassing. LOL I just ordered mine, lets see how I enjoy it. I will be doing small air travel this month and I want to bring it with me, maybe.

    • erostek

      You can carry on your e-stim gear — but I like to separate the accessories to reduce the chance for embarrassing questions during the security check. I’m not sure what air travel will be like after the failed bomb attempt before Christmas, but I expect more questions and for that, I’d strongly suggest putting all e-stim gear into checked bags whenever possible. I’m interested in knowing how things went if you decide to carry everything on with you. =Eric


    I travel all over the world with my 312 unit and I have the hard wired one. One of the original versions. I have never had any issues with it and i always carry it on with me and just tell them its and electro stim machine for I have muscle cramps and with that they have asked me once to turn it on and from there I have not had any issues. I pack all the toys in my checked backage in a vinyl bag wrapped in plastic bubble wrap. Hope this helps. I also travel though with a sleep apnia machine and also sounds so I guess they just think I am a sick man which we all know I am. LOL.

  3. Sparr

    I always tell the TSA that it is a TENS unit for chiropractic purposes. Also, regarding keeping the ET-312B turned off in transit, I have made great use of the fact that the nub of the power button can be pulled off and replaced later.

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