Customs duties for international shipments

Some more questions and answers regarding International Shipping…

Q: I’d like to avoid paying customs duties by having you state that my order is a “gift” or reducing the value. Is this OK? Thanks.

A: It’s illegal to state that an order from us is a gift or to list anything less than the actual value of the items on customs forms. Where this might have gone unnoticed in the past, the prevalence of the internet and search engines like Google make it very easy for customs officers to check a listed value against its market value. While I too dislike paying extra for things I want, this is the nature of doing business between countries and we have decided long ago to do it right and list the values accurately. This avoids delays and potential embarrassment by officials who scan incoming packages through customs. It also allows us to insure the packages to their full value in case of damage or loss during transit.

Q: Can you ship to Russia?

A: No. We are not able to reliably get our products through customs in Russia.

Q: How much will it cost to receive my package through customs. How long it will take for me to get it?

A: This depends on the country you live in. Most countries add sales taxes to incoming shipments. There may be additional fees. Estimate 20% added to the product total (less shipping costs).

Q: I live in Australia. Do you have an adapter that will work here?

A: The included AC adapter is a newer auto-sensing type and will work in any country and comes with 3 plug inserts for outlets having a UL (US/Canada), EU or UK mains connector. You will need a slip on plug convertor to change one of those pin types to the ones used in Australia or other countries. There is no need for another transformer to convert the voltage or frequency (Hz). Our AC adapter does this automatically.

4 responses to Customs duties for international shipments

  1. Spirit

    I have a 312 unit and love it, now I bought it in 2008, now are your later units loaded with a more updated program or is it still basically the same, I tried downloading different rhythms but found them not so intense or exciting.
    Hope you can give me good news as to how I can get the latest.
    Thank you for a great machine.

    • erostek

      Hello Gill: Each ET312B has the same factory routines, but you can add more via ErosLink software. And you can stim via stereo audio connected to the Audio jack. There are endless possibilities, and the installed factory routines act as reliable starting points. I hope this helps! –Eric

  2. Alex

    Thanks for setting up my delivery so that it went directly through to CANADA POST. Without delay or COD fees.

    I remind everyone that 312 and Folsom /MrS BP acts as tens unit with sexy/relaxing effects.

    Keep up the good work Eric

    • erostek

      Hello Alex. I’m glad that worked out well for you. Thanks also for the easier way of describing what our units do. Nice! Enjoy… –Eric

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