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You might be thinking of getting an ErosTek unit but wonder if your existing collection of electrodes and e-stim accessories are going to work. The short answer is: They Will. With the use of adapters (as needed), you can connect virtually any electrostim accessory to an ErosTek power unit. And most will just plug and play. But how do you know?

When you purchase an electrode accessory from our SexTek Online Store you will notice whether or not an adapter is needed on each product page. For the most part, all of our reusable electrodes come with an adapter included. The exception is our low-cost gel electrodes and a few separate electrodes that become part of a larger set. To be sure, just read the product page and you will see if you need an adapter that is not already included.

If you have electrodes from other manufacturers, there are some basic rules to follow. The main point to remember is that an ErosTek unit comes with leadwires that use a 4 mm banana connection. These plugs have a four-sided flat spring that compresses to make a tight connection with the mating jack. If your electrode has a 4mm banana jack (or “banana jack”), it will connect to an ErosTek unit without an adapter.

From Left to Right: 4mm banana plug, 2mm TENS plug

Some accessories have a small pin jack that is usually connected to a TENS unit. A TENS pin measures 2 mm (0.080″) in diameter. “TENS” = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a medical use of electro-stimulation for the reduction of chronic pain. Gel electrodes and some other toys have leads designed to be plugged into a TENS pin lead. For these toys, our Bananas to Pins adapter works perfectly in converting a banana plug (from an ErosTek unit) to the smaller TENS pin required by these toys.

Other manufacturers use a snap adapter connection, like the one on our ElectroBand and Dual E-Band. For these types of toys, our Banana-Snap adapter will convert a banana plug to a 4mm snap connection. Some PES electrodes use a pinch-type snap connector instead of our spring-loaded snap jack. If you need this particular type of snap connector, it’s easy to purchase one of their Umbilical Cords or regular leadwire sets directly from their online store. The plugs that connects to their power unit is the same plug used by an ErosTek unit, so their leadwires will plug directly into an ErosTek with no further adapting.

With the right equipment, it’s pretty easy to do electro-stim right the first time you try it. If you need any help in figuring out what you need, our Support Page is the place to go for email, chat or telephone support.

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2 responses to Plays well with others

  1. sl2dw

    When are you going to really play well with others by allowing control of an erostek system remotely over the internet? One person wears it at point A another controls it at point B… This is the missing link to break this market wide open.

    • erostek


      I’d love to have internet controlled e-stim. But, there is a patent covering the remote control of sexual devices and I’m not interested in licensing a patent and developing software in order to achieve this. Bummer, eh?

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