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Welcome to the ErosTek Blog. Here you’ll find the original ErosTek web sections along with new product announcements and stories from someone who gets wired up regularly… me! Ready to Buy? Check out our updated ErosTek Shop. Enjoy!

— Eric Forbes, CEO
ECForbes Inc. + ErosTek.com

4 responses to Welcome to our Blog

  1. MARK S.

    I received my 312B some three years ago and am absolutely addicted to it. I had to live without it for approx.6 months, but am back in business.
    Some good, uncut cock, Gay bareback porn and my gizmo hooked-up, and I’m in heaven.
    The machine is real and I’m living the good life.

    • ccalos

      Be glad you returned to it after 6 months! I lost mine in a move (someone, somewhere, found an interesting box after my uhaul pulled away), and have yet to save my pennies for a replacement.

  2. Todd

    Hey there,
    Wondering if there are any users in The Twin Cities that could show me how things work before making an investment? User groups?

    • erostek

      Hello Todd,

      I can’t think of anyone personally, but (if you’re looking for another guy) you might want to try Recon.com and GearFetish.com to find e-stim guys in your local area. Make a headline and profile describing what you’re after and you should see some action from those sites. There is also SmartStim.com that is e-stim specific but more of a bulletin board, with lots of sharing but does not seem to be as interactive as the other two sites. I hope this helps! =E

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