Stereo-Stim files worth trying

I’ve been very happy with the efforts of one SmartStim contributor lately. Very happy.

He goes by the name of “Mr. Terminator” on SmartStim and “naughtyelectrons” on and has produced some of the smoothest audio files made for the ET312B that I’ve stimmed with so far. I know that by saying this, I risk offending other erotic sound designers. It’s just that I haven’t tried every single file out there, but I have found a suite that I like very much. (Yes, my cock, balls and ass like them a lot too. 🙂


If you already have an ET312B and know how to feed audio from iTunes or some other mp3 player into it, here’s the link to his files:

naughtyelectron’s MP3 Stim Files

I especially like the Pulsinator Suite.

If you want to know more about using your stereo, computer, or iPod to make electrical waves you can shoot your load to, check out my post:  stereo-stimming-with-your-erostek-et312b

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