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AudioStim with DFAM

Just uploaded a new AudioStim track I made over the weekend. It’s a mono track, so it works great with the ET312B and ET232.

ET312B: Select Audio 3 mode and set MA control to 12 o’clock with output of player set to maximum.

ET232: Select Audio Loud mode and set MA control to max with output of player set to maximum.

I composed this with headphones on while stimming. You can listen while stimming if you get a splitter cable, like the one sold on Amazon here:

3.5mm Stereo audio Y-Splitter Cable

Enjoy your STIM! –Eric

Stimming on Soundcloud

Woke up this morning, made some coffee and felt the urge to STIM

Checked out some new tracks from a few artists I’m following on Soundcloud.

Landed on a new track that begged to be jacked into my ET312B in place of the Phaser routines I’d been stimming to recently. Grabbed a stereo Y-adapter and connected my gaming headphones so that I could listen and STIM at that same time.

The settings I used were the same I use for most AudioStim sessions:

  • Mode = Audio 3
  • MultiAdjust (MA) at 12 o’clock or mid-point.

I wired myself up in the usual way:

  • ECup + CockCap on Channel A
  • Bipolar plug (MJ this time) on Channel B

This track is long enough and has the right amount of modulation to deliver a strong HFO near the end. And it sounds great through the headphones too.

The segue around 41:43 is impressive. I can still feel some lingering effects of that earlier STIM session as I listen to the track again while writing this post 😉

So find some quiet time, get wired up and FEEL THE BEAT. Enjoy!


Introducing AudioStim for the ET312

Here’s a fresh new “AudioStim” file made for use with the ErosTek ET312B power unit.

  • Download the file. Option-click one of the choices below to save to your computer.
  • Import into iTunes or other music library software.
  • Transfer to portable music player or other device.
  • Patch sound output to the ET312 Audio jack using the supplied audio cable – stereo 3.5mm plug on both ends.
  • Select “Audio 2” or “Audio 3”
  • Set MA (MultiAdjust) control to 12 o’clock position – adjust as needed to match sound player output.
  • Select looped playback on music player for best results.

Pounder 133 Apple Lossless (15 MB)
Pounder 133 mp4 (5 MB)

I made this track using Native Instruments Maschine controller and software on Mac OS X, using factory project “Pounder” and made some modifications: panning groups left and right to isolate channels, adjusted tempo, duplicated scenes, other tweaks. I really liked this and expect more to come soon. And I was wired up while editing the project – that’s how I know it works!

And check out the other articles related to AudioStim.

Comments are invited. Enjoy! –Eric

Stereo-Stim files worth trying

I’ve been very happy with the efforts of one SmartStim contributor lately. Very happy.

He goes by the name of “Mr. Terminator” on SmartStim and “naughtyelectrons” on and has produced some of the smoothest audio files made for the ET312B that I’ve stimmed with so far. I know that by saying this, I risk offending other erotic sound designers. It’s just that I haven’t tried every single file out there, but I have found a suite that I like very much. (Yes, my cock, balls and ass like them a lot too. 🙂


If you already have an ET312B and know how to feed audio from iTunes or some other mp3 player into it, here’s the link to his files:

naughtyelectron’s MP3 Stim Files

I especially like the Pulsinator Suite.

If you want to know more about using your stereo, computer, or iPod to make electrical waves you can shoot your load to, check out my post:  stereo-stimming-with-your-erostek-et312b