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AudioStim: Wait for It (Stereo)

This track was composed using a Moog DFAM and Mother-32, with each output sent to its own stereo channel (L / R). I made this while wired up to an MK-312BT in Audio 3. This is a stereo track so it works best with an MK-312BT.

MK-312BT Setup: Select Audio 3 mode and set MultiAdjust control to 12 o’clock with output of music player set to maximum.

Channel A: CockCap paired with an ECup

Channel B: FLP 40 BiPolar

Enjoy! -–Eric

You can download this track for offline use by clicking the download icon:

Introducing AudioStim for the ET312

Here’s a fresh new “AudioStim” file made for use with the ErosTek ET312B power unit.

  • Download the file. Option-click one of the choices below to save to your computer.
  • Import into iTunes or other music library software.
  • Transfer to portable music player or other device.
  • Patch sound output to the ET312 Audio jack using the supplied audio cable – stereo 3.5mm plug on both ends.
  • Select “Audio 2” or “Audio 3”
  • Set MA (MultiAdjust) control to 12 o’clock position – adjust as needed to match sound player output.
  • Select looped playback on music player for best results.

Pounder 133 Apple Lossless (15 MB)
Pounder 133 mp4 (5 MB)

I made this track using Native Instruments Maschine controller and software on Mac OS X, using factory project “Pounder” and made some modifications: panning groups left and right to isolate channels, adjusted tempo, duplicated scenes, other tweaks. I really liked this and expect more to come soon. And I was wired up while editing the project – that’s how I know it works!

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Comments are invited. Enjoy! –Eric