AudioStim with DFAM

Just uploaded a new AudioStim track I made over the weekend. It’s a mono track, so it works great with the ET312B and ET232.

ET312B: Select Audio 3 mode and set MA control to 12 o’clock with output of player set to maximum.

ET232: Select Audio Loud mode and set MA control to max with output of player set to maximum.

I composed this with headphones on while stimming. You can listen while stimming if you get a splitter cable, like the one sold on Amazon here:

3.5mm Stereo audio Y-Splitter Cable

Enjoy your STIM! –Eric

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  1. Claude

    Hi and thank you for those stim files. First I listen the file with my earphone prior the download to my sessions. I’m a bit worried about sudden spikes that may discourage me to continue to stimulate. Using triphase setup with my et312. Thanks again but will try at very low power for now. You wrote that is a mono file so using at audio 3, I should not have sudden spikes.
    Claude from Canada

    • Post Author

      Hello Claude. Yes, this file has some dynamic changes in it but it feels really good when used with an ET312B or ET232. Enjoy! –Eric

  2. Shaun

    Love ErosTek and their products, so this is really cool! Any electrode configuration you recommend (ET312B, but I’d assume it could apply to either)? Thanks.

    • Post Author

      Thanks, Shaun. I usually pair an ECup and CockCap on one channel and connect a bipolar plug (Large Flo) to the other. I composed this track while wired to an ET312B and later stimmed using the ET232 with HFOs (hands-free orgasms) both times. Enjoy! -Eric

    • Post Author

      Hey Jim. You can download this file by clicking on the download icon under the Soundcloud logo, shown here:
      Soundcloud Download Icon

  3. Claude

    Hi Eric,thanks for your new sound files, I downloaded into my samsung phone under music folder,problem is sound file seems not loud enouph to be played on my et-312,ma is set to 12 and volume on my cell phone is at max,I have many other files and ma is going to 10.

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