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Creative minds found new uses for a 1950’s device called the Relaxacisor.


As the name implies, the Relaxacisor provided passive “exercise” by stimulating muscles with an electrical current. This later became more commonly known as EMS, or Electro Muscular Stimulation, and is still around today. It didn’t take long for creative people to figure out they could wire these units to more sensitive parts of the anatomy and stimulate more than just muscles. So at least since the 50’s people have been getting off while wired up. Most EMS devices, however, offer little variety in their stimulation.

The medical profession helped out in the late 1970’s with the introduction of TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.



TENS is widely used by physical therapists for pain management. Again, many people found alternate uses for their TENS units. Many offer more variety in their output than EMS devices, and are optimized to act on nerves rather than muscles, but they’re typically less powerful and are certainly not designed to be erotic. In fact, they’re designed to deaden sensation (such as back pain).

Made-for-play devices first became popular somewhere around the early 1980’s.



Most work on roughly the same principal as TENS and EMS devices but are marketed for erotic purposes. They usually allow adjustment of frequency and level, but most lack other options to add sufficient variety to the stimulation. Enthusiasts find most of them boring after a while, as the output doesn’t change unless you manually change the settings.

Erotic e-stim technology moved ahead in early 1999 when ErosTek entered the scene.


We developed digital Dynamic Pulse Technology and created an entirely new genre of devices. Imagine someone sitting at a piano playing the same single note over and over — that’s pretty much what our competitors products do. Now imagine sitting down and having a pianist play real music — that’s what our products do. See our Technology section for more details about what makes ErosTek different.

Beginners should start by checking out our Buyer’s Guide and Safety sections.

There’s also a link on our Resources page to an online forum specializing in erotic e-stim. If you’ve never experienced any of this, you might want to find someone who’s familiar with it to give you a demonstration. It’s not for everyone, but even those who suspect they won’t like it, often end up wishing they’d discovered it a long time ago.

Safety is Important!

You should only use devices specifically designed for the human body. You should also read all the instructions and safety information that comes with any electrostimulation product. Everyone should read our Safety section.

8 responses to Guide to E-Stim

  1. Jim

    I have a small portable TENS unit and 4 small pads for erotic stimulation. Where can I read up on where to place the pads to enjoy the pleasure and not cause any damage? Thanks!

    • erostek

      Hello Jim — Many people use a TENS unit with gel electrode pads to get an idea of what e-stim feels like. The first thing is to wash and towel dry the areas where you want to stim before applying the pads. They are easily contaminated with body oils and dirt and starting with clean skin is the first step. You’ll need to place each pair of pads so that there is a space between them in order to feel the stim pulses.

      1. Place one set (pair) of pads along the cock (one at the base, the other near the tip)
      2. Place another set over the ballsac, one on each side. If you’re hairy, you might want to clip or shave in order to make better contact.

      You can hold the pads on the cock in place (for awhile) with a latex condom. The pads on the balls will want to peel off unless you place the wires at the bottom to prevent the pads from folding over and peeling off.

      Start with clean skin. Put some distance between each pair of pads. And start with the outputs at -0- and increase each channel slowly until you begin to feel something. A TENS unit is designed to numb the nerve endings for the treatment of chronic pain and other issues, so it will require some manual fiddling of the pulse width and frequency controls in order to make things interesting. If you like the feeling you get from your TENS unit, check our out ErosTek Power Units. They take the TENS concept quite a few steps further in an erotic e-stim direction.

  2. AJ the Muay Thai Gear Girl

    This article really peaked my interest. The ideas and evolution of peoples ideas & products never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the interesting time line of the “Relaxacisor”. I will be sure to share this one with my friends!

  3. Mike

    I have very good experience with e-stim. Multi orgasm iń a very short time is not any problem. Also my erection is very strong due to e-stim. I like it very much.


  4. Joe Lavoin

    How long can one use EStim on the penis without interuption. Also, how many times a day or week can one use it. The Erostek guide suggests a limit of three hours weekly. That does not seem like much time. Is there any danger in greater usage weekly and using it for two hour durations?

    • erostek

      Hello Joe: Our user guide indicates a limit of 3 hours a week, but many users stim for longer sessions, myself included. The side-effects of longer sessions is temporary tingling or numbness due to stimulation of the nerve tissues. This reverses itself in a matter of hours, so you can always stop and rest before stimming again. I like to take breaks (while remaining wired up) to allow my nerves to reset. This makes for longer and more enjoyable sessions in my opinion. Hope this helps! –Eric

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