2020.0423 Low and Slow (Mono)

Here’s a mono audio e-stim (AudioStim) track I made with a Moog Mother-32 while wired up to an ET312B. Also works well with the ET232 in Audio Loud.

ET312B: Select Audio 2 or Audio 3 mode and set MA control to 12 o’clock with output of player set to maximum. You can create a Split with Audio 3 on one channel and a built-in routine on the other, for unique effects.

See ET312B: Set Split Mode to learn how.

ET232: Select Audio Loud mode and set MA control to max with output of player set to maximum.

Now go, get some STIM! –Eric

2 responses to 2020.0423 Low and Slow (Mono)

  1. Jim

    Thanks for the new stim track Eric. I’m glad to be able to download and enjoy these. I tend to switch between my 232 and my 312 to feel the difference which is always interesting.

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