ET312B: Set Split Mode

The ET312B can be customized in many ways and Split mode is one of them. Split allows a different mode to be sent to output channels A and B.

The default setting for Split mode is:

  • Channel A: Stroke
  • Channel B: Waves

You can easily customize Split to send a mono or stereo AudioStim track to one channel while sending the output of another mode to the other. This creates almost limitless possibilities by combining playback of audio with an independent and out-of-sync generation of stim pulses. Great for extended edging and training sessions.

Customizing Split Mode for Audio

Let’s configure Split mode to send Stroke on Channel A and send Audio to Channel B:

  1. Power ET312B ON
  2. Press any key
  3. Press [Menu] key – Start Ramp Up? is shown
  4. Press [UP] key – Set Split Mode?
  5. Press [OK] key – Split A: Stroke
  6. Press [OK] to confirm – Split B: Waves
  7. Press [DOWN] key once – Split B: Audio 3
  8. Press [OK] to confirm
  9. Split mode is activated

MultiAdjust (MA) knob controls the tempo / frequency of Stroke and input sensitivity of incoming audio signal. Setting MA to minimum will reduce audio input level for interesting effects. I suggest setting MA between 10 o’clock and maximum to feel the effects of both channels.

Don’t Forget to Save

To save your custom settings for the next session:

  1. Press [MENU] key
  2. Press [DOWN] 3 times – Save Settings?
  3. Press [OK] – Saved! Press Any Key…

3 responses to ET312B: Set Split Mode

  1. Larry Ledford

    Sounds like fun and I have both units but at 83 may not have the electrical knowledge to do this. Still have fun with some of the simpler things they can do with accessories.

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