Meet the MJ and Moaner BiPolar Buttplugs

With so many electro buttplugs on the market these days, which ones are worth the price? After months of personal testing, I’ve found two outstanding plugs worthy of your attention.

MJ BiPolar Buttplug  Moaner BiPolar Buttplug

Introducing the MJ BiPolar and Moaner BiPolar buttplugs. Hand-crafted in the UK from solid aluminum, these smooth satin-finished wonders are easy to insert and work like a charm. The look and feel is refined. Masterfully designed. These are two of the most comfortable plugs I’ve ever used and after many months of hands-free orgasmic (HFO) bliss, both look and work perfectly.

Super easy to maintain.

Satin-finished for excellent lube adhesion.

Made to last a lifetime. Available now on the ErosTek Shop.

5 responses to Meet the MJ and Moaner BiPolar Buttplugs

  1. Albert Nalven

    Hey, Eric,
    This makes you a candidate for the Nobel ‘piece’ prize 😉

    What is the diameter of the new plug ?


    • Albert Nalven

      Eric, the Moaner brings a new dimension to Bi-polar anal stim. The base stimulates the peri-anal area…kinda like getting rimmed. When the contractions happen the plug is drawn in and provides the sensation of getting fucked.
      Cleaning is sooo easy with no wires to worry about.
      I’ve waited years and have had to make many, makeshift, repairs on your old design
      Anyone into anal estim must have one of your. Well-named, MOANERS.
      Thanks for your service to human sexual delights.

      Eric, feel free to edit and use my comments.

      • Rob Gray

        I just purchased a “Moaner” form ErosTek. I do not know how to dissemble it for cleaning. I have searched all over the web.
        Every body says it is easy but there are no directions on how this is done.


        • Post Author

          Hello Rob: It’s not necessary to completely dissemble the Moaner plug each time you clean it.
          To take it apart: press inward on the center jack with your thumb while holding the base, and twist the head off (counter-clockwise when viewed from top). The bolt goes through the base and into the head with a threaded section at the top. Continue to unscrew until all parts are separated. Clean and thoroughly dry before re-assembling. Ensure that the white nylon insulator/bushing is installed into the base to prevent a short-circuit condition.

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