Stim-Show: Episode 1

In this video, watch me getting wired!  To follow along, you’ll need:


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  1. I'm

    So, this equipment does not cause an ejaculation?
    My wife was hoping it was going to.

    • Post Author

      It definitely can bring about an orgasm. This was just a quick video to show how the ECup and Conductive Rubber Loops went together to form a circuit. More videos showing the full potential are coming soon. Here’s one on XTube that shows a guy named “hotscud” cumming hands-free. Enjoy! —Eric

  2. Ian

    Hi Eric. The demo vid is good, just one suggestion. In the first third, the labels below the picture actually cover up some of the vital info, especially in the case of the conductive tubing segment. Can the label be moved, or faded out earlier? Cheers. Ian

    • Post Author

      Hello Ian!

      I’m glad you like the video and thanks for the feedback. I’ll consider using a different title caption style in my next video to allow you to see the action better. —E

    • Fred

      Move the darn banners to the top…the lower part of the screen is what you are demonstrating, not the guys chest.

      • Post Author

        I can see how that would make the video easier to understand. Thanks.

  3. Robin

    Thank you so much for uploading this. Hope you share more e-stim stuff. I like e-stim.

    • Post Author

      Hello Robin!
      I’m glad you like the video. I’ll have more ready to post soon. —E

  4. boneranger

    Nice first demo video. What ET312 program did you use?
    How about a demo video using a monopolar anal electrode with a triphase setup?
    Also why do you show the thick conductive loop at mid-cock rather than at the corona?

    • Post Author

      Thanks, Boneranger!

      I warmed up with Intense and finished the video in Rhythm, with MA somewhere between 12 o’clock and MAX. I often do a TriPhase configuration with the common lead connected to the ECup, CockCap on channel A, and Mono Anal Plug on B. I’ll shoot a video showing that next time. The placement of the conductive loop affects the sensation, and I wanted to last awhile since it was my first video in awhile. If I place it at the corona, I almost always get a HFO (hands-free orgasm) in 30 minutes or less. Good questions! Thanks for watching. —E

      • Jim Nowlen

        Thanks. I had exactly the same question. Intense one of my favorites but working on expanding my experiences… Jim

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