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I hope you’ve been spending some of these long nights getting wired up and stimming. If you’re like me, you find yourself searching the internet for something new to get things started.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a library of CockHero Audio Files that work perfectly with the ErosTek ET312B in Audio 3 mode. Imagine a session lasting 30 minutes or so, with gaps of silence that give you a chance to rest up and wonder when the next set of pulses are coming.

Anticipation is SO arousing.

Just writing about it gets me going 🙂

I wired myself up using my tried-and-true favorites: an ECup with Neoprene Jock over my balls paired up with a CockCap XL over the head of my cock and a bipolar Moaner bipolar plug in my butt. I used SpectraGel inside the CockCap and ECup to enhance the conductivity and a liberal amount of Gun Oil H2O lube on the plug and while prepping my butt.

I downloaded a bunch of these mp3 files to my laptop and connected the headphone jack to my ET312B via the Audio jack and entered Audio 3 mode. Adjusting MA to 12 o’clock set the levels to the right spot and in a few minutes I was off to discover how arousing periods of silence (and no stim) can be. Almost every file I tried had me hanging by a thread near the end.

These are potent little files. And they are FREE — as long as you download them one at a time.

I want to thank “Douglas Mcarthur” for sharing this library and I suggest you get ’em while they last!

CockHero Audio Files


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    • Post Author

      Hey Chris: We have an ongoing promotion called a Package Deal, which gives you the choice of one of our popular power units (ET312B or ET232) along with a selection of electrodes to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get started. This deal saves you about $75 over the cost of buying everything separately and is a very popular option. —Eric

  1. Lawman

    OMG!!!! These are both brutal and fantastic at the same time! I just spent 2 hours on the “Flux” files. I started off with episode 3 easy and made it through that one (barely) then went to episode 4 hard and got almost 45 mins into it before I exploded and then I turned the levels down a bit and came again (but not as hard). I have NEVER done this!!! I used an electrified Aneros Maximus, choker at the base, and a modified Vigor. Channel “A” attached to Aneros and the part of the vigor that goes behind the head, channel “B” to the base choker and the urethra insert.

    • Post Author

      Excellent! I’m glad you had a 2-for-1 Special! Enjoy the ride 🙂

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