Quad Electro Ball Vise — now available

Quad Electro Acrylic Ball Vise

Introducing another variation on a theme: an electro ball vise with four (4) electrodes.

We’ve just added another way to apply the current and squeeze your balls with the quad-pole / 2-channel electro acrylic ball vise. Dare we call it a “crusher?” Surely it can crush, but at milder levels of compression, this vise is capable of delivering a wide range of sensations via two kinds of electrodes, paired together or paired with another electrode placed elsewhere on the body. I like to use one of the copper tubes with the CockCap and the other copper tube with one of the circuit board traces on the bottom plate.

This one offers loads of possibilities and is made in the USA of quality components — with smooth edges — to last a long time. 

Let the experiments begin. All the Best in 2014 — Happy New Year!

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  1. Hugh

    Thanks for the update, this looks like a great one to consider (especially using the ramp up feature of the ET312 while in self bondage). I think I’ll start saving up for this one!

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